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  1. samisnake

    Tunning potential

    piggybacking off of this post, it really does depend on how much you wanna spend. a mate has the older 2.0tfsi (bwa) and did a k04 conversion (turbo, hpfp, intercooler, decat etc) and is pushing around 350bhp. the thing is a weapon but he paid a lot to get there. so yeah, the potential is...
  2. samisnake

    A3 2011 SLINE rear rattle Had a similar sound on mine, turned out to be the stone guard on the rear wishbone.
  3. samisnake

    Whirring noise from behind climate control? have a read of that thread, its in russian so translate the page using google translate. the car is an a5, but the symptoms are the same, and the fan used on the a5 is the exact same part as on the a3's climate unit. part number is 8P0959101, so...
  4. samisnake

    Does no one tune their 1.4 TFSI?

    theres only one version of 1.4 on the 8p...the 125bhp turbo model.
  5. samisnake

    Does no one tune their 1.4 TFSI?

    these are the 1.4 caxc engine with 125bhp
  6. samisnake

    Does no one tune their 1.4 TFSI?

    different engine pal
  7. samisnake

    Whirring noise from behind climate control?

    Sounds like it could be the fan for the interior temperature sensor. To the right of the ac button, check to make sure there isn't any dust blocking that grill.
  8. samisnake

    Oem disc + calpiers

    18z brakes would be brembo 18z 6pot calipers. standard fit on q7, cayenne and touraegs, and often used as a big brake upgrade on mk5 platform. rotors is the american term for brake discs lol.
  9. samisnake

    Oem disc + calpiers

    345mm disc up front on s3, 340mm on tts, although either work on either car. 310mm rear. not sure what you mean by caliper size, you on about piston size or?
  10. samisnake

    Electric folding mirrors

    theyre different. the baseplates are different. audi have specific part numbers for 3dr and 5dr. couldnt tell you how much difference there is, but theyre different. the modules/motors will fit
  11. samisnake

    8p front wing

  12. samisnake

    Rusted sil/side skirt - can it be replaced?

    They get ground down. The person who did the welding should do it really, before covering the fresh metal with a coat of primer to stop it rusting
  13. samisnake

    A3 s-line 2.0 tdi - upgrading brakes from 288mm to 312mm or 345mm

    And brake hoses. And as long as you're coming from a 288 or 312mm setup, yes
  14. samisnake

    Sensor fault

    checked the door loom where to door meets the car?
  15. samisnake

    Check brake pad light

    pads look meaty. check the wiring connector for the brake pad on the passenger side.
  16. samisnake

    Dash cam hardwire A3 specific. read the page, halfway down it discusses how to hardwire
  17. samisnake

    MAF sensor / Cracked Seal - A3 8P 2005

    1. your car doesnt have a maf, it has a map sensor. item 2 in photo 2. part number is 1k0129684ae. the piece thats broken is part of the larger air intake pipe. around £42 from audi new. easy to change, just a few spring clips.
  18. samisnake

    Owning an Audi

    what grates you? it isnt clear
  19. samisnake

    Upgrading 288 to 312mm Brake Pads Sizes

    short answer: either, theyre basically the same. longer answer: 288mm and 312mm pads are the same, but there seem to be a very slight (by slight, i mean literally a mm difference in width) between available 312mm pads. so, 1ZE=288mm. oem pad pn 5K0698151 1LJ=312mm. oem pad pn 5K0698151...