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  1. phil76

    Headlight Won't Work!!

    Its probably the power pack on the lamp then,all this unit does is ignite the gas inside the bulb,you could swap them over to make sure
  2. phil76

    Anyone Swapped Out A Heat Matrix? Or Other Possible Reasons No Heat?

    There are sensors in the vents too, is the heater fan working in the car ok ? as these are very common to go
  3. phil76

    Airbag Light On After Speaker Cable Repair

    Did you shove your seat back when messing about with the door loom so you could get in better ? as it might have broke the seat loom as that is pretty common
  4. phil76

    Black Tints Repair?

    As mentioned proper tints aren't a film,take your car to a reputable window tinter and let them have a look at it.
  5. phil76

    S3 at auction today - good price ?

    When looking around them before the auction starts undo the maf sensor but leave it in location so the engine light comes on like someone did to me with mine,even though I know a decent bit about these and I know Statllers very well it still give me the twitchy bum just in case the one I was...
  6. phil76

    Little accident!!!! :(

    The seat should repair ? the stitching is different on air bags seats where the bags are so it should just rip the stitching apart from memory as some of the insurance company's we deal with allow repairs on these and some don't,you might also need a seat belt or stalk as sometimes they will...
  7. phil76

    My S3 vs Sonax Brillant Shine Detailer (Video)

    I have pretty much the same results with the Angel wax stuff i bought of Broadster ( sorry if not spelt correct) on here as that is also awsome stuff which beads/blankets water like no ones business
  8. phil76

    Audi Specialists South Yorkshire ?

    Statllers vote again ,attercliffe road
  9. phil76

    Purple s3 drooooool

    Is it a bit over priced or is that what they are going for these days ? not great spec and only on a 2009 and its a manual
  10. phil76

    Differences between S3 2006-2008 Rear Bumper and 2009-2012

    I thought they were both 2 piece ? unless the lower spoiler section come moulded all in one on the later one ?
  11. phil76

    Anarapovic exhaust

    Akarpovic prices are mental as they are titanium systems,Statller in sheffield are an agent for them. As above BCS are good quality and Nortech are also doing some amazing systems too
  12. phil76

    DPF pressure sensor fault after aborted remap

    I would say its not been mapped correctly or they have forgot to map something out which the car is still trying to trigger,i have heard of a few situations like this and others where people have had DPF's removed but the car regen cycle hasn't been taken out.
  13. phil76

    B Pillar Trim

    Is it a 3dr ? and where abouts are you ?
  14. phil76

    Cooling fan running for no reason.

    Sometimes its the fans themselves which knacker up and cause this problem too so they are running constant
  15. phil76

    ****** thief's!!! 39 Cars broken into in 48hrs

    That is the worrying thing with unmarked cars : myself I am not a racer but I do drive spirited if I am on a road I know well and we all buy the cars we have because we like a play when confident to do so and normally when something hammers up to your bumper at warp speed its something trying to...
  16. phil76

    ****** thief's!!! 39 Cars broken into in 48hrs

    I got a pull in mine the other a night and had a nice sit in a police car with the normal is it yours ? are you insured ? Is that your blow up doll ?:hubbahubba: questions Basically I was about 5mph over the speed limit which they didn't do me for but what they did stop me for was driving...
  17. phil76

    Bonnet problem + Cooling fan.

    If you get the car jacked up and take off the big under shield under the passenger side of the fan cowl in the bottom corner there is a multi plug you can undo that will stop the fans as a temp measure to stop it keep flattening the battery,as for the bonnet cable they have a joint where to...
  18. phil76

    Afternoon delight

    Was going to say that's been done with some serious force to do a crease and dent like that,toss pots that's all I can say
  19. phil76

    how to delock audi a3 2007 drivers door?

    Do they have a barrel on the tailgate ? I am sure mine hasn't so if you remove the drivers barrel aren't you removing the only key entrance on the car ?