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  1. reefer110

    For Sale A3 8V Rubber front mats/Boot liner

    As per the title, I have a set of genuine front rubber mats to fit an A3. I also have an aftermarket boot liner. Having recently sold the car I no longer have any use for either. Approx 1 year use, the condition is good and will come up nicely with a wipe over. I'm open to reasonable offers on...
  2. reefer110

    For Sale DTE Systems Pedal+ box

    I have the following DTE pedal box plus for sale, approx 1-year-old, purchased from DTUK. This has been used on 2 cars, 1.6TDI DGS, and a 1.8 TFSI Quattro DSG. This is the "Plus" version which allows control via smartphone apps. Looking for £100 posted.
  3. reefer110

    For Sale ABT Engine Control unit

    Afternoon all, I have the following ABT engine control unit and loom available. It's taken from my pre-facelift 1.8 TFSI Quattro DSG. I had this fitted around Christmas time last year by Richter Sport in Milton Keynes. Comes with the mounting bracket in the second picture. No fitting...
  4. reefer110

    Xenon headlamp adjust - VCDS only?

    Numerous posts on various online forums and videos show the location of the "screws" to turn, but seem to offer conflicting advice as to whether you need VCDS or not. If I have a dabble myself without it then will the lights self-level again and still be too low?
  5. reefer110


    Looking for some opinions, which looks better? TIA
  6. reefer110

    Wheel decal

    Has anyone tried any of these style decals - wondered how durable they are. Can be got On eBay for about 15 quid, seller claims the quality and durability is good but then again they would say that !
  7. reefer110

    Facelift Centre cap advice

    I’m putting some of these wheels on the car later in the week, I’ll be after some centre caps in 58mm... does anyone know of a reputable seller ? I’ve checked eBay but it’s so hard to know what’s going to be half decent. Would appreciate a few pointers please. Thanks
  8. reefer110

    Brock Alloys

    I’m looking at getting a set of Brock RC 29’s as they seem to get good reviews and are tuv certified. I can’t seem to find many stockists over here that sell them, only tyreleader seems to be the place that has them readily available. Just wondering if anyone had dealt with them? Also happy...
  9. reefer110

    AMI/MMI Cable question

    I've swapped my car for an older model, this has a port under the armrest for the MMI cable, the question is if I were to get a compatible cable would this allow the transfer of sound from my tomtom sat nav app on the iPhone? I can connect the phone via Bluetooth and stream music without a...
  10. reefer110

    Diesel quattro rarity?

    Just looking at Audi dealer stock, it seems there are only three used 184 quattro models available in the UK. Pretty scarce, any idea as to why?
  11. reefer110

    Tuning box & S- tronic - Torque?

    I have a 1.6 TDI BE, as far as I know it has the DQ200 s-tronic box, which to be fair isn't a great drive in my opinion. I've been looking to liven it up with a tuning box but have seen the standard rating for the gearbox is 250Nm, most of the tuning boxes I've seen produce approx 350Nm.... so...
  12. reefer110

    Which gearbox?

    I have an FL 1.6 TDi BE, the question is which S Tronic box do I have out of these if any?!
  13. reefer110

    Crazed wheel lacquer

    Took advantage of the blue skies and gave the car a clean earlier, noticed this on one of the front wheels, which to my untrained eye looks like cracks in the wheel lacquer. It still feels smooth to the touch, you can't get a fingernail in any of the lines. Not sure on the name of the alloys...
  14. reefer110

    Oil level min/max

    Evening all, Just been looking at some paperwork from Audi ..wrt to under bonnet checks they have stated they the engine oil level is "75% above minimum" Question is what should the level be, 100% above the minimum, 50% above minimum? Only asking because it's showing as an advisory. TIA
  15. reefer110

    Lock/Unlock via app

    Is it possible to use the myaudi app to lock and unlock the car? I don't seem to have any options available within the app, so I assume it's not a feature enabled for the FC 8V?
  16. reefer110

    camshaft/ crankshaft alignment

    I’ve got a 1.6 tdi black Ed, had it approx 3 months and covered 2.5k miles and am struggling to get it over 49mpg at best. Pretty disappointed as official Audi figures are around 70mpg. I know that’s not a real world figure but even if you knock 20% off I’d still expect to see mid 50’s. Did a...
  17. reefer110

    Locked out

    I've somehow managed to lock myself out of my account, had to create this new one to ask for advice. Anyone able to help me get back in? TIA
  18. reefer110

    Facelift Carista scan result help please.

    Got a new A3 a few weeks back, 67 plate used with approx 4k on the clock. Did a scan via Carista earlier which gave me the following errors. I've done a google and can't seem to find much as the codes don't appear to correspond to anything in the VCDS error lists. Would anyone be able to shed...
  19. reefer110

    Facelift Black Ed 1.6 TDI S Tronic

    Evening all, I've tried a search on this subject but seem to get a load of sales ad's, rather than options. After reading a few online reviews it seems the 2.0l is the more sought after engine, but performance isn't really too much of a desire over mpg. So, unless this 1.6 is totally gutless I...
  20. reefer110

    Tune2air Visee0 Wma1000 Issue With Phonecalls

    Quick question, and apologies if this isn't the correct forum - I ordered a Tune2Air Visee0 WMA1000, works great in my '59 plate A3 with regard to streaming the music from my iPhone over bluetooth, I can also use it for Spotify without any probs. My issue is with phone calls, I'd assumed I...