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    Remap tomorrow

    They don't take the ECU out at R Tech for AGU's, they just put a jumper cable on it. Nick at R tech told me most other places don't now how to do this so just take the the ECU out instead.
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    Remap tomorrow

    You should have taken it to R Tech, they have worked out a way of remapping AGU's without having to remove ecu .
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    Coilovers fitted!

    Car looks really nice
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    Roof rail long?

    Be prepared to lose car for a few months, I sent my back twice, the laquer started to peel after a week the first time they repaired it , took it back, and they repaired it poorly and left scratch marks and dirt under the new laquer which they tried to say was there when I orignally gave the car...
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    Vortex exhaust?

    For my 1.8t A3 I got quoted £500 for a cat back vortex system with hidden tailpipe, it was £50 extra for an exhaust tip. This was at Torque Exhaust in Enfield. Three of my friends have the this exhaust on TT, GTI Golf and A31.8t and it sounds EVIL on all 3 of them especially once the cars been...
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    Fitting Coilovers

    Heres the link I used mate The back is easy only takes about an hour the front takes longer, so i'd do the back first and then spend the rest of the day on the fronts Hope that helps Wes
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Thanks mate
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Thanks its taken me 8 months to get the car sorted, the grill is made by 'FK Automotive' it definatly give the car a smoother euro look Wes
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    The ride is good, definatley better than standard understeering setup, the front needs to be lowered by another 5-10mm and the back is already wound all the way down. I need to get 5mm spacers to push the back wheels out but overall im happy with it ........... wes
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Thanks I havent got any side shots yet i'll try an take some after i've washed the car. I fitted the whiteline arb using the original audi droplinks, I run the car quite low and have no issues with the arb touching the the drive shafts etc..
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Before After
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    Starting/idle problems

    No- after cleaning TB and putting it back together, turn the iginition on but dont start the car, you'll hear the throttle body realigning itself, leave it for five minutes and then start the car. It takes the ECU a couples miles of driving to sort itself out but you'll notice a big difference...
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    Starting/idle problems

    Hi if I were you i'd check/change all four sparkplugs if this hasn't been done for a while and then take off and clean your throttle body with some carb cleaner, you'll be suprised at the amount of carbon and **** in there. When my revs were hunting up and down I cleaned the...
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    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    Just a word of warning, I've had my car back from Audi for two weeks and the lacquer that the Audi bodyshop has applied has already begun to peel off both sides of the rear quarter by the bumper. Im not happy, I will be going back to Audi this week for them to sort it out. They've fixed one...
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    Vagcom (what do i need to get started)

    Thanks thats where I thought it was, but when I look under the ashtray theres just an OBD plug shaped hole but no actual socket, maybe the sockets been pushed behind the panel or maybe its under the headlight switch, i'll have to explore. Another stupid question do I need to find to the OBD...
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    Vagcom (what do i need to get started)

    when you have, laptop, ebay cable etc where in the car is the obd port? I have a 2000 a3 1.8t. (sorry if thats a stupid question):think:
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    My Full Respray

    From previous experience I would say there's no such thing as a 'cheap' respray, just make sure the car is prep'd properly and it hopefully it will come out ok. Good luck
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    Coilover fiting!

    The back is straight forward and will take less than than an hour , the front is more of a pain it would be a lot easier if you have the spreader tool though to get the old shock out . I would definately do the back of the car first and then you can spend the majority of your day on the...
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    a3 wheels

    Have you tryed Elite in Essex? or if you can get to Walthamstow there seems to be loads of wheel shops selling reps.
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    Found rust on your roof?

    Got my car back today from Chingford Audi after 3 weeks, they painted the roof, and blended into the rear quarters, they also polished out an annoying scuff mark on the side of the car. I really can't see the repair they did a really good job. Got my car booked into my bodyshop for next week...