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  1. AndyParker

    What's my issue then?

    I have the same symptoms as you but had forgotten to mention it to my tuner. He however picked up that I need a new thermostat so it's booked in for a few weeks time.
  2. AndyParker

    380ftlbs clutch now slipping

    Running a Sachs here on Stage 2+ without any issues
  3. AndyParker

    APR upgrades are out now!

    I assumed that would be the case @S3Alex Weakest link in the chain etc
  4. AndyParker

    Wheel ideas!

    If you want something a bit unusual then try collecting 4 front alloys from cars like C63, Vantage V8 etc - they look great but you need the patience to collect the two sets of fronts hence not many people have them. Whilst LM's look great there are too many replicas around. Proper ones are...
  5. AndyParker

    APR upgrades are out now!

    The tuner that did my Revo stage 2+ back in Oct '14 put the LC on my manual gearbox without any charge... Said it was a little surprise for me when I picked it up! Whilst it is phenomenal I've only used it 3 times for fear of wrecking the drivetrain even with a Sachs clutch setup
  6. AndyParker

    S3 8p honeycomb grill

    As far as I'm aware there is nothing on the market for the pre facelift S3's. Xenonz do something for the pre facelift A3 but the fitting is different for the S3. Similarly the facelift S3 is different fitment to pre facelift S3. I believe you're only option is to go down the route I went...
  7. AndyParker

    S3, Great bit of kit... (and build thread...sort of)

    Just read through this build and is a great thread. Great work chaps
  8. AndyParker

    Anyone running 19" 8.5J ET43 Alloys or similar?

    Here we go - fresh back from the garage. Drove it for 45mins to work and no rubbing which is great news! The Eagle F1s don't appear to have too much stretch so quite pleased with them. Think coilovers are next on the list after its service and new thermostat in a couple of weeks. Thank you...
  9. AndyParker

    How do you tell if these are genuine?

    This! Also the price being asked might be a give away. Reps will be 300-400ish Genuines likely to be at least double that
  10. AndyParker

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Agree - leave it on. Looks too plain without them on
  11. AndyParker

    AUDI A3 B pillar trim.

    Yes sorry - I thought there may have been a difference but wasn't 100% sure! Sorry I can't be more helpful than that
  12. AndyParker

    24JSeymour Sprint Blue S3 Project Thread

    Lovely build thread - car looks great!
  13. AndyParker

    AUDI A3 B pillar trim.

    Just remembered I saved this as a bookmark which will show you
  14. AndyParker

    AUDI A3 B pillar trim.

    It is over 3 years old unfortunately. If the 5 door is the same as the 3 door then you need to drill out the rivets that hold them in place and then put new rivets in with a rivet gun to attach the new ones. Rivets are located behind the door seal - pull it back and you'll see them.
  15. AndyParker

    Anyone running 19" 8.5J ET43 Alloys or similar?

    Set of Eagle F1's ordered and booked in to be fitted Thursday AM - let you know how it goes
  16. AndyParker

    Anyone running 19" 8.5J ET43 Alloys or similar?

    Thanks buddy that's really helpful. Looks epic!!
  17. AndyParker

    Anyone running 19" 8.5J ET43 Alloys or similar?

    Awesome @JayMc thanks so much for your help! I'll get some tyres on order and get these wheels fitted! Probably need lowering after that... Haha
  18. AndyParker

    Essential options

    Haha sorry we couldn't help there! I'm 6'3" and would say the buckets are the most comfy I've had in a car - no issues with them at all. They were absolutely the thing I wouldn't compromise on when looking for my car! You could of course always retro fit them quite easily - just make sure...
  19. AndyParker

    Anyone running 19" 8.5J ET43 Alloys or similar?

    Thanks @GGG_666 - looks quality! Have you got any more pictures without the 10mm spacers?