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    All wheel drive ("quattro") is awesome

    Does the Haldex not work as follows; Front wheel drive by default - then fully variable 4WD kicks in if it starts to lose traction (generally in circumstances when ESP light would be flashing on dash)
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    Need advice !!! car replacement

    Hope this works out. The initial post just seemed wrong. End of. If Audi don't come good - I would be seeking legal advice. Or just take them to the small claims court. The limit is now £10k and it only costs a couple of hundred to apply. Chances are, if you go ahead and issue proceedings -...
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    Facelift Jassy's Discussion/Build/Wait Voodoo Blue S3 Saloon Thread

    Personally, I think it's last chance saloon to own a loud, 5, 6, 8, 12 pot motor. It's all going to go small petrol/ electric/hybrid very quickly. If you buy a car now over 3/4 years - it's going to be a very different landscape for your next car. So I would say go for the RS....or M...
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    Facelift I'm Back! Selling M2 - Just Ordered New S3 Sportback

    I went S3 to a manual M2 .....which I absolutely love. As a drivers car - it's epic. But I do see where you are coming from. I have not had any issues you mention except the obvious reverse bleeps and instrument lighting joke! LCI has fixed most things......but it's a also a few £k more...
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    The worrying thing is - you don't know how you will react! Unless you have been specially trained (military) for such a high stress situation. I have been a boxer - now boxing coach for years. My natural reaction (unfortunately) is to hit and not get hit. I train hours a week doing it. Not...
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    I should find the link to my full post describing the time when an armed gang in balaclavas stormed my house, smashed the front door off it's hinges and then smashed the bedroom door off the frame - while I tried to keep them out.....thinking (wrongly) I had the keys in the bedroom. 10 years...
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    Well done on getting it sorted so quickly and not letting them change your life. You win....Not them with their 5hitty little two bit criminal lives. They will most likely end up in prison at some point in the future - while you are enjoying cars, holidays, etc. In the meantime they will be...
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    Told them NOT TO WASH the car

    I think you may have been a little naive. Numerous examples on forums of dealer stupidity. Paint needs fixing properly. Stereo turned up loud.....let it go imo.
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    Facelift Attempted burglary

    That is the most common time for them......around 3am Monday morning. They know you are in and asleep....... and not much happening outside like you get on Friday and Saturday nights.
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    I got a speed awareness course doing 34 in a 30. My missus has just been offered one this week for 35 in a 30. Both Cheshire Cùntstabulary. No wiggle room with their speed cameras. 34+ in a 30 is a NIP.
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    I dont have any brand loyalty whatsoever. If I like a certain car, at change time, and it's a sensible purchase (resale/reliability etc).... Then I would choose from Audi RS / BMW M / Merc AMG / Porsche / Jag F Type / Alfa Guilia Clover thingy / Maserati etc .....the one I like best is what...
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    Facelift How fast or slow do S3 depreciate?

    You will end up typically paying double what the car is worth in the end if purchasing. Fag box maths; £35k purchase price £3k interest over 3 years Total cost £38k Typical resale value @ 3 yrs = £20k ish. Despite this, I always buy the car whether it's a loan, HP, or saving to pay off the...
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    Facelift How fast or slow do S3 depreciate?

    The best bet for depreciation is to buy a new model - which will still be current in say 3 years (or when you want to sell it). If you buy a runout model (even with discounts) - it will look very dated if you come to sell it in a few years and everyone is used to the replacement - with the...
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    Stolen S3 Cheltenham

    LV came top in the Which? Motor insurance review IIRC. 5 star Defaqto rating too. Now I know why. Result!
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    It's not really going to be about the level headed PCP users (like Jassy or me) who way up the odds and make an informed decision. The regulator is the FCA. They will assume that all customers have zero common sense and the finance company have full duty of care to ensure its affordable in...
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    And this is part of the PRA report released last week. 2.9 Motor finance has seen the fastest expansion among consumer credit products, where a key factor has been the growing popularity of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP1) deals, which now account for around 80% of gross flows for new...
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    They do affordability checks already Chris. But they are very light touch and not thorough. But new much stricter rules are likely to be enforced by the FCA. It's going to be an eye opener for the motor industry dealing with the FCA - post a thematic review (knowing how they operate!) In...
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    Both the FCA and PRA are investigating PCP at the moment. There will likely be some considerable changes to PCP affordability rules once the reviews are complete - as the bottom line is to decrease the number of buyers (80-90%) who currently buy via PCP. The easiest way is just to regulate on...
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    Is your next car going to be Audi?

    There are a lot more 'premium' brand cars on the road than there used to be. Cheap PCP means people who used to buy Ford, Vauxhall and Peugeot - now buy (rent) Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Exclusive now more towards Porsche, Maserati etc .....imo.