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    Hi guys, has anyone who has recently broken or stripped for spares their TQS or equivalent Audi have this part still lying around in the garage, its called a closing panel, and it lives just inside the o/s/f wing. Its a piece of flat plastic that stops the wind come rushing through the...
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    Key Fob battery change

    I had the only key to my TQS failed the other day, the tiny button batteries gave up to operating the central locking, I Checked them both and less than 2 volts between them and so they have been replaced. Now the problem is the key has fallen out of bed with the lock/unlock signal and only...
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    Road springs pt2

    So finally got to post this second installment of lowering my tqs, I've gone for eibach pro-kit [ E1534-140 ] with a stated drop of 30mm all round and the final overall look and handling is much improved with the cornering now near bang on. Got the kit for £160 from eibach on a special for the...
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    Road Springs

    hi, I am looking to lower the overall ride height of my 1999 TQS b5, the problem is that all the lowering springs I have found regardless of manufacturer start at 30mm reduction , I was aiming at 20mm front and 15mm at rear to give an overall affect on driving and stability . I want to...