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  1. lpf01

    Key fob problem

    If it not works the way as i said, there is a few options there: Inside a microswitch broken and make the remote a bit crazy, or battery just low as hell, or remote broken..... but without inspection i have only ideas. Really the best way is to find a local specialist guy who will solve this...
  2. lpf01

    A3 8P0 cruise control problem

    Hello everybody! I bought an Audi A3 ( 2004 3.2 V6) with cruise control installed but its not working ( its built into the turn signal arm). The steering electronic is a matching one to this type of cruise control, the wire is installed between the steering electronics and ECU, and its enabled...
  3. lpf01

    Key fob problem

    When you adapt remote with VCDS, first read and save adress 00 ( default settings ).