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    Cloth seats

    Evening all, just about to fit s3 leathers to my tdi 5 Door and was wondering if my cloth interior is any good to anyone as would be a shame to dump etc.... They are in excellent condition apart from water marks from getting in with wet jacket on, hence why I've changed to leathers, they have...
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    Sat nav

    Morning all, got a problem with my sat nav if anyone could help, worked fine when I got the car a few months ago but now it's just not responding as if it's in the middle of no where !! No roads coming up so think it's lost GPS. Any way of sorting this??
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    S3 8v leathers fit standard a3 ?

    Morning all..... Ive found some leathers from a 2013 5 door s3, just need to double check there go straight in my 2013 Sportback 5dr to replace my cloth seats ?? Any info would be great and I'm sure there be electric
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    a3 8v platform

    can anyone tell me what other cars share the same platform as my 2013 5dr a3 8v sportback ? ie golfs etc