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    Santa pod meets stage 2+ ...results..., don't wanna start with negatives, will tell wot happened last year... ...i was running AmD stage 2, car had forge twintake, dv+, stock DP but cat's where cut out by previous owner, on dyno it was making very solid 352 hp n 325 lb.ft, car felt awesome... ...took it to pod, was very pleased...
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    Anyone running Forge catch can, help needed...

    Hi, just finished installing forge catch can, n noticed little gap in top left corner, with eye i can c the orange seal phone don't pick that up, is it safe to run??? oem plate has an edge on but forge is flush thats why i guess i got little gap??? many thx
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    Exclusive s3 buckets or just retrimmed golf bucket's ?!?!?

    There's a bloke on ebay selling some 'exclusive' s3 buckets, but the thing is the design is not like s3 but the ones found in golf's, could someone confirm did audi had this '6000 £' option or r they just retrimmed golf buckets, many thx...
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    S3 compression test...

    Hi to all, before going stage 2+ wanted to make sure engine is ready 4 it, so took it to audi 4 compression test, results - 1 - 9.9 bar 2 - 9.8 bar 3 - 9.9 bar but 4 - 10.7 bar, could some clever audi boffin confirm that my engine is ready 4 next stage ;) p.s. currently running AMD stage 2 352...
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    Free MOT for life :)

    Hi, just had my cambelt & water pump done by local audi on my s3 and they gave me 'complimentary MOT test certificate' -free mot for life of the vehicle :) didn't know they do that, was pleasantly surprised, respect to audi :kissmyrings:
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    S3 8p Quad Supersprint Exhaust :)

    Hi, im new to this site, just wanted to show some pics of my new exhaust, and c wot u think, quad or no quad ;) ...i think there is a reason why new S3 comes with quads, it looks so good :)