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  1. Daniel Knight

    Imola Yellow S3

    Does anyone have an Imola Yellow S3 they would consider selling?
  2. Daniel Knight

    A3 - Timing belt question

    Hi All, I have a 2008 1.9 TDi 105 A3 that has done 75,500 miles. I am unsure whether or not the timing belt needs changing. The service history isn't very clear and I have contacted the Audi garage that last serviced it but they have no record of whether the timing belt was changed or not. A...
  3. Daniel Knight

    Loud "hoo" sound?

    It does sound very similar to this, just louder. The overall sound of the engine has become louder over the past couple of days. The only thing that has changed is the amount of diesel in the car, it's quite low at the moment. Again, is this normal? ha.
  4. Daniel Knight

    Loud "hoo" sound?

    That's what is sounds like! As long as the owl doesn't cause any damage I don't care.
  5. Daniel Knight

    Loud "hoo" sound?

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I have recently brought a 1.9TDI A3 (2008) and whenever I change gear the turbo makes a hoo sound. I did some research and somebody else said it sounds kind of like an owl, which it does. Is this normal? Also 2nd gear doesn't seem to pull as much as it did when I...