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  1. Eastmidsdude

    MMI still blowing fuses

    Right I thought I’d sorted this problem. Basically when the screen retracts into the dash it seems to blow a fuse every now and then but it’s happening more often now. its also started blowing the fuse without the screen unit plugged in. As soon as the fuse touches the terminals it sparks and...
  2. Eastmidsdude

    MMI blowing fuses

    Hi all. Hoping someone will help me with this. I have a 2014 PFL A6. I drove to work yesterday perfectly ok and got in the car to go home and the screen wouldn't come up. Turned off and on a few times and nothing. Had a look at it when I got home and the 7.5 amp fuse on the passenger side was...
  3. Eastmidsdude

    Creaky seat

    Hi all. My c7 seems to of developed a creaky passenger seat at the front. It only occurs when it’s occupied. Manual seats with electric lumbar support. Has anyone else had this problem and it is a squirt of lube to sort it?
  4. Eastmidsdude

    VCDS near Derby?

    Hi all. I was just wondering if there was any VCDS users near derby that would be willing to code a few things in on my A6. Had a look at the map and messaged a couple of people but wondered if I’d get a reply on here
  5. Eastmidsdude

    New owner here

    Hi all. Relatively new owner here trying to get to grips with the forum. End of January my ep3 civic type r went and my 2014 2.0tdi black edition arrived and I’m absolutely loving it. First non jap car I’ve ever owned. Here’s a few pics
  6. Eastmidsdude

    Pic upload question

    Hi all. I’m new on here and I want to upload some pics of my newly acquired car. I have them all on photobucket but when I tried to post the