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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels** finally got a pic
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    car on 19 r8 v-10 reps and h&r coils, falken 225/35/19's
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    S3 Wheel fitment: 19x8.5 ET45 fitment on lowered on H&R coils

    225/35 not working - still rubbing. suggestions?
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    S3 Wheel fitment: 19x8.5 ET45 fitment on lowered on H&R coils

    aye aye captaiN8! will report on it next week! fingers crossed
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    S3 Wheel fitment: 19x8.5 ET45 fitment on lowered on H&R coils

    Thanks for the help so far... Here in SA we are very limited: the rim only available locally in et45. pity for me, but apparently it should be fine according to just about everyone? my car is probably just too damn low. I want to try the 225/25 to see. i should also ask the shop to raise the...
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    S3 Wheel fitment: 19x8.5 ET45 fitment on lowered on H&R coils

    hi guys got a set of 19" r8 v10 replicas. i was advised they would fit. test fitted with 235/35/19 huge rubbing issue at the back. Will 225/25/19 be any better? or will i continue to suffer rubbing due to ET45 offset? it's a shame cos i really like the look
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    New S3, front bumper at bottom peeling?

    ferris, did audi sort this out for you? can you post a picture of before and after? audi centre cape town have refused to fix this for me and it is now 8 months later!!
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    Got the S3 and not a good start !! - Help/info needed

    I had a similiar problem when i got my MY09 s3. the revs would search up till 2000rpm. vagcom did show a fault, but audi couldnt fix the problem immediately. it turns out it was air leak as the vacuum pipe wasnt properly connected, according to the technician this was only discovered after audi...
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    White Audi S3 Sportback picture request

    tobycruse has the exact spec ur after. i'll admit im too lazy to go and look for the post, but search all threads by him and it'll pop up.
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    Which fuel pump do I go for Autotech/KMD/APR - S3

    like i said, use it, dont use it no need to get your panties in a knot Mattandrew: in the two cases of autotech failure both of the pumps ceased. not the cam followers. maybe its down to improper installation? I didn't get the 3rd degree on it but in the short amount of time both of them were...
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    Which fuel pump do I go for Autotech/KMD/APR - S3

    i personally know of two guys with autotech internals which have failed. use it, dont use it
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    Fog Lights ( Xenon or LED Bulb )

    I found a PIAA H11 4700K on ebay. Perfect match with the 2009 S3 headlights Mine were from Hope this helps
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    Adjusting xenon headlight level on 8P3

    I managed to solve this just by turning the plastic tabs on the headlamp units under the bonnet. All this did was raise the level of the beams to a satisfactory height Other people have had DTCs thrown doing this, so I consider myself lucky. I checked the thread on VWvortex and the posts were...
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    Adjusting xenon headlight level on 8P3

    Hi I just got my car on h&r coilovers and just realised that while driving at night, my xenons point down and have seriously diminished range since changing the suspension. i have read up about levelling sensors not being aligned on the suspension, but i can only go back to the suspension...
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    H&R coilover settings S3

    its finally on!! loving it!
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    Carbon fibre wrapping on ibis white

    So... In my head, i've been toying with the idea of wrapping some parts of my S3 in carbon fibre... Anyone wrapped their white A3/S3 parts in carbon? Im thinking of the front splitter and roof spoiler. Maybe the mirrors too, but I havent seen this in the flesh before Any comments / pics welcome
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    rev limit???

    deactivate the ESP and it should rev all the way up
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    H&R coilover settings S3

    Here we go again... More coilover questions So i decided to take the plunge and order the h&r coils for my S3. I'd like to get a feel for what settings i should go for when they arrive. I'll be putting it them on the s3 18's. Any Pics and Suggestions welcome
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    Festoon & map readings: light NON LED bulb options

    bimmians shipping is just ridiculous... $100 for sending leds to South Africa? no thank you. i will just keep on macgyvering the LEDS i found in chinatown