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    Black Edition

    Monza Silver Black Edition with massive spec - still for sale if anyone is looking for one - As new!
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    Suprised No takers-!
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    As per site rules the car is posted in the classified section for sale : Follow the ebay link within the ad for a few more details. Phone me on 07931696577 if you are interested. Ian
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    Black Edition

    Yoshi - i'm with you on that one, my Monza Silver is a work of art. Its weird, in different daylight situations the colour can appear Smokey silver Light Silver Silver blue
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    S Line suspension

    Just wondered if S Line A3s (mine is 09) have improved sports suspension compared to Sports models etc. Probably a very naive/stupid question but there you go
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    Black Edition

    I haven't seen another like mine yet, no. At the time i purchased there was one other indentical model, in Newcastle - however it had more miles and cost £1500 more?! I don't have the lighting pack, but apart from that its fairly loaded with Auto lights and Auto wipers on top of the all the...
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    Black Edition

    Yeah thought about it, but i quite like the simplicity of the grill now, and the twin S Line badges on the wings like pretty nice. Good move from Audi IMO. I need to get an RNS-E - never had one - can you beleive that?! Its one big toy i've been craving and never quite got round to it
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    Black Edition

    Chaps, Picked this up back in late March/April, and haven't got round to posting since. A few folk have asked about the Monza colour so i've got my **** in gear finally and taken some picks : we all like looking at A3s. Delighted. Went from an Ibis TFSI with 200ps, down to the 140ps...
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    Best paint job to compliment A3?

    I can confirm that Ibis is high, high maintenance. Got on my tits after a while and I got sick of looking at it. Loving the understated moody tones of my Monza Silver Black Edition these days
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    LAMIN-X on Ibis White.. Facelift 09 lights..

    OI, JACKY - Why are you using a picture of MY old Ibis A3 on your post>?
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    Telling the difference between the 140 and 170 2.0 TDI

    Lee if you go in with 16.5-17k that guy will bite your hand off. He's basing his price on the fact he has 11k miles only, but its a year and a half old and its been usurped already - so he'll never get 20 grand for that. Give him a ring - he'll say no and then phone you back in a week any bets
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    Telling the difference between the 140 and 170 2.0 TDI

    This is going to sound weird but I have driven my new 140 for a week and a half and it feels very strong in acceleration. Listen, i've come from the 197bhp TFSI and i'm not disappointed - serious. I was all set to get it mapped immediately but I reckon i'll spent the £500 on Sat Nav first...
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    Needing ideas S6 LED Lights on S-line bumper

    Looks pish can't beat the real 09 thing
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    Black Edition

    Monza Silver Black Edition in the delivery bay - looks brilliant. Very happy man........
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    Bye Bye S3!

    You lucky b*stard - my dream car at the moment. Njoy
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    A3 170 CR S LINE Honest review ......

    Boys over the weekend I found this really good article that explains the whole common rail history and Audis eventual switch to it;
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    2.0 CR Re-map

    PS people - the only remap peeps I know of in Scotland are Star Performance - can anyone else recommend any more - I live in Vegas.
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    2.0 CR Re-map

    Simon - as discussed i'm defo doing this. You sound pretty pleased with the results.............