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  1. TomSx

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Snap. Until winter comes anyway! lol
  2. TomSx

    Pro Speed Exhausts

    Prospeed are brilliant tbh. If I had a custom exhaust that's exactly where I'd go and respected on many forums. They did the exhaust on a old Bora I had. Even paid for a breakfast for me.
  3. TomSx

    19" et32 or et45?

    It also depends on the width of the wheels..;)
  4. TomSx

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Treated mine to a another pass of 50cal cover up. Awesome glaze. 20150711_114918 by Tom White, on Flickr 20150711_114946 by Tom White, on Flickr
  5. TomSx

    Lava Grey A3 8P 3.2 Wheel advice / opinions

    I actually like the older RS4 wheels on 8p's however I also really like B6 S4 rims. Let me know if you sell them..;) I'd happily replace my 19's with Avus's.
  6. TomSx

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    I need Pescara's. They look so right.
  7. TomSx

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Another summer clean..:D Just need to lose the 19's now for some 18's.
  8. TomSx

    Removing rear wiper - bung size?

    I was always really tempted to do this but no rear wiper on a hatch in winter = PITA
  9. TomSx

    Refurb or replace. What do you think..

    We have a new "The Wheel specialist" open 5 minutes from my work which has put me in a! Now, I was thinking of downsizing to 18's. Bought some genuine BBS RS11's, fitted them and didn't like them. I thought they looked too small. Which has led me on to the hunt of other 19's...
  10. TomSx

    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    I would as going through the arch means you lose a lot of skin from you
  11. TomSx

    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Yes matey. One was fine but the n/s would flicker but as you say switching the lights on and off would fix it. I read in to it and many said it was the bulbs. Sure has fixed mine. FYI they are a d1s bulb.
  12. TomSx

    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Today I have lost most the skin on my hands and fitted some new 6k Xenon bulbs. Mainly as one had developed a flickr which has now been sorted. Also got rid of the orange repeaters for some silvervisions. 20150612_121244 by Tom White, on Flickr Looks much better but never again do I want to do...
  13. TomSx

    Plastidip grill guide (Bumper on)

    I did something like 8 coats mind. But still doesnt sound like you did it right. This is a photo from today and mines seen many jet washes. Even the local Bosni-wash. 20150612_121244 by Tom White, on Flickr One very important thing is to run a Stanley or scalpel around the edge before you peel...
  14. TomSx

    Plastidip grill guide (Bumper on)

    Holds great if you do a thick coat. I did mine about 6 months ago without a sign of it lifting.
  15. TomSx

    A little bargain for the K03 drivers wanting K04 upgrade

    Umm not really? Ive seen loads of conversions around that price. This kit includes more for a extra £50
  16. TomSx

    S3 engine juddery and engine light now on

    Has coilpack written all over it. Phone Audi, you may get them replaced for free. I did. ;)
  17. TomSx

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    I used a flash magic eraser of all things. Just do one light wipe and then clean with something like Gliptone leather cleaner. Good as new. The pads are abrasive so do it light and once but that's enough. It'd be hard to damage the wheel but you could if you really went at it.
  18. TomSx

    What size wheels will fit my A3? Lowered 50mm

    You can fit 19's but I'd stick with 18's.
  19. TomSx

    Poor Mpg 2.0 TFSI..

    Also change your PCV. Just done mine and it's quicker and getting 5 more mpg on my run to work.
  20. TomSx

    Black Paint Sealant?

    Two products I will suggest, 50 Cal Cover up and GTechniq C2 V3 sealant. Brilliant combo on black cars and one of the best I've used. 20150421_192132 by Tom White, on Flickr 20150421_194937 by Tom White, on Flickr Even by hand you'll get a shine like this - 20150421_201828 by Tom White, on...