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    Two Issues - A4 2.0tfsi 211 PS

    Hi Guys, Anyone had any of the following 1) A slight rotational grating sound. This is intermittent and hard to trace. Only noticeable on tickover after a journey and then disappears after about 5/8 seconds before you can get the bonnet up and try to trace it although it is becoming more...
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    ** ESP FAULT ** light has come on twice now.... HELP....!!!

    Not sure whether it applies to your car but certainly since about 2006 VAG group have been aware that there is / was ? a problem with the ATE Teves Mk. 60 ABS / ESP module on some of its cars including Golf, A3's, A4's etc. If my memory serves me correctly its something to do with the brake...
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    Exhaust heat shield rattle

    Not heat shields. Sound is coming from exhaust itself. It's a strange vibration / resonance which does not appear to be associated to any variation in engine speed. Engine idle is steady. Workshop Foreman came for a run and inspected on the hoist afterwards. No amount of adjustment could remedy...
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    Exhaust heat shield rattle

    Hi Guys, Anyone had a rattle from the exhaust heat shields when the car is stationary after it has been on a longish run and is thoroughly warmed through? The sound is more than the normal expected tinging of the exhaust as it cools and it sounds like either a loose heatshield or a shield...
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    A4 B8 coolant leak ?

    Monitored since February. Now no drop in coolant level. Makes me think that there might have been an air lock since the car was new in July 2009 and that the garage possibly cleared it inadvertently by pressure testing. I used to get a very slight "gurgle" from the heater on start up but this...
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    A4 B8 coolant leak ?

    Visual check and pressure test found no leaks. Coolant topped up - told to continue monitoring the situation
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    A4 B8 coolant leak ?

    Mine seems to be losing coolant also. In for checks on the 15th. Will let you know if anything found.
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    Noise on cold start up

    Had a note from the Dealers as follows "The factory have released a bulletin which may be applicable to your vehicle. The noise according to the bulletin is from the intake system and only occurs during the heat up phase of the catalyst unit. the noise they are describing is normal.This bulletin...
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    Noise on cold start up

    Hi Guys, Firstly my car is a 2009 A4 SE saloon 2.0 TFSI. It has the new 2.0 litre engine which is the 211 PS version. The oil filter is on the top of the engine at the front (see later) On start up in the mornings or after the car has stood for a long period - eg. all day, I get a loudish...
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    Oil Change

    Hi Guys, Anyone done an oil change yet on a 2009 A4 2.0 FSI T ? How straightforward is it ? Does the engine cover just pull off so as to get at the oil filter which is on the top of this new engine ? The oil filter looks to be a spin on type. Does it leak oil down the front of the engine when...
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    A4 Radiator grille surround

    Hi Paul, Not sure about how to remove chrome grill on your A4. However if it is anything like the A3 then the whole bumper has to come of to get at the grill retainers at the back. On the A3 there are torx bolts on the top and bottom of the bumper and bolts behind the front wheel arch liners to...
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    Audi tools for filter change

    Thanks Guys for your help. Have been doing own servicing for 50 years (yes 50 years !! - I'm an old timer !!) but this is the first oil and filter change on an Audi. (First car was a Standard Eight.) Looks straightforward and Elsawin and the link make it dead easy. Thanks again.
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    Audi tools for filter change

    Hi PW- Motorsport, Thanks for that. One on order. Just need oil drain adaptor T 40057 now.
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    Audi tools for filter change

    Hi Guys, My car which is a 2006 2.0 tfsi is shortly out of warranty and in future I'll be doing my own servicing. Looking at Elsawin it seems that to do an oil and filter change properly I need a) Oil filter tool 3417 which is a wrench to fit on the end of the canister (although a 36 mm...
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    Knocking from rear suspension. Anyone ever had this?

    I have a similar problem but think it might be from the front. It has been in to audi once who said it was the drop link on the anti-roll bar but it is not cured. Still has a "rattly / bobble". The car is ouit of warranty in June so intend to take it back next month. Can anyone shed any light on...
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    R U being stung for your oil change. Don't be

    Hi Guys, Just read this post and will add my "experience" with Audi dealer. Car went in for its first service. When I got it home I dipped the oil only to find that it was still dirty. Admittedly it was better than before the service but still very noticeably dirty. Clearly it had not been...
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    suspension rattle

    Hi dai-click Noise was a "bobbling rattle". It clould be clearly heard best when coasting downhill over slightly uneven surface at about 10/15 m.p.h with the gearbox disengaged. ie the engine just at tickover sped. Interesting that you describe your noise in the same way as mine was and how...
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    suspension rattle

    Hi Guys, Had a front offside suspension rattle last week. Took the car to the stealers as it is still under warranty. Problem turned out to be the "drop link to the anti roll bar". I wondered if any one else has had this problem and if it was a common fault? Anyway if you get a suspension...
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    red coolant level warning light on dis

    Is your car parked on a slope? It has been known for this to give a warning until back on the level.
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    Oil filter location

    Hi Robin, Thanks for the updated info. with regard to the oil filter location on the A3 2.0 T FSI. Inpressive diagram. I'm assuming this is from the elsawin manual. I haven't got around to sorting one out yet - so another thing to do ( although I've heard some people have had problems with...