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  1. ac2003

    Eibach Pro Kit Creaking

    My local garage fitted me some Eibach Pro kit springs a couple of days ago and there is a creaking sound coming from the front drivers side when on bumpy surfaces and turning the steering wheel. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I can also reproduce the noise if i push down on the...
  2. ac2003

    Rear Wiper Judder/Noise

    My rear wiper is making a horrible judder/squeal, any ideas to fix it? Is there a way to dial in the alignment or should i try a new blade or even treating the rubber?
  3. ac2003

    Halves on Swissvax Seal Feed anyone?

    By the sounds of it nothing gets close to this stuff but it's so expensive and I only really need a little bit so was wondering if anyone wanted to go halves on some? Best I can find is £42 delivered for 250ml so splitting it would be £21 for 125ml. Anyone interested?
  4. ac2003

    Removing CarPro Dlux?

    I used CarPro Dlux on some interior trim (black textured) in an attempt to dull down some scuff and scratches but it hasn't really done much. So I'm going to try some gtechniq C4 but first want to remove the Dlux. Any suggestions? Would an APC and MF do the job?
  5. ac2003

    Removing light scratches from interior

    Anyone had any success removing or hiding light scratches from your interior textured plastic trim? Im talking things like seatbelt scratches on the outer back seat plastic edges and the front door plastic entry trim being caught be shoes etc. Seen ideas of heat gun's/hairdryer's and textured...