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  1. Slice636

    Bitdi help!!!!

    I’ve got a 3.0tdi bitdi with the tiptronic gearbox, it went into Audi for jerking when coming to a stop which they did a software update on and resolved it. The manual side of the box with the paddles now jerks going through gears, Audi have said this could be normal behaviour?? Just need...
  2. Slice636

    I need an Audi genius!!!!!

    Hi everyone, My car has been misfiring on start ups for a few weeks now, it will only misfire from ‘warm’ not hot/cold It will only missfire when you hit the start button straight away. If you turn on the ignition first it won’t misfire? The missfire disappears after the elevated revs have...
  3. Slice636

    Parts help!! Please!!!

    my mechatronics have deceived to die on me and then decided to fry my speed sensor buried deep inside the gearbox so I’m trying to source a used box, my box code is NGY (2011) BUT the new box is NSC (2013) both 0b5 from a 3.0 tfsi. Both have a gear ratio 35:9 but will the mechatronics work if...
  4. Slice636

    Mechatronic repair advice

    Hi all! My rpm sensor has failed which is causing the box to accidentally shift under wot. Can anyone recommend a garage in the Yorkshire region? I don’t mind travelling either to get the job done right to have it refurbished or replaced. 3 garages have ignored requests to do the job so I need...
  5. Slice636

    3.0tfsi caka spark plugs

    anyone know the gap for the spark plugs on the 3.0tfsi caka engine? I’ve bought ngk double platinum plugs but I want to check if they’re the correct gap before fitting Thanks
  6. Slice636

    S5 3.0tfsi spark plug help!?!

    Hi, Just bought some laser platinum plugs but does anyone know the oem gap for the spark plugs in the 3.0tfsi? There’s a lot of info from the states regarding gap, either 0.32 or 0.28 but none from the UK Cheers
  7. Slice636

    S5 Build

    Hi, Picked up this beauty a few weeks ago and I thought I’d start a new thread. I’ve been busy lately so only just had chance to put this online (I’ve been writing it in my notes on my phone) but the bits I’ve changed already I’ll put in here too as some of you may find it useful :)
  8. Slice636

    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    Since my A5 3.0tdi is going to be written off, Im currently looking to get an Audi s5 b8.5. I’m just wondering what people get mpg wise? I’m used to 28 mpg and 44 on a motorway, I know they’re not a car you’d buy for mpg but I’d like to know before hand of real world, so any feedback would be...
  9. Slice636

    Audi A5 preface-lift led retrofit Coding

    Hi, I’ve recently just retrofitted pre-facelift led to my a5 which was fitted with halogen rear lights. There’s not a clear website or forum with the specific coding and since it annoyed me a little I thought I’d put the coding into here because of the fact we’re all here to help one another...
  10. Slice636

    3.0tdi hybrid tuning?

    Hi, I’ve currently got a 3.0tdi running 324 bhp & 550ftlb but I’ve got vibration issues from accelerating from low revs It’s had a new clutch and flywheel fitted but it still there and I know they can handle bags of torque so I’m wondering if it could be the turbo surging? As it stops around...