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    Service maintenance & tyres Pack

    Be warned, I had this package on my VW Scirocco, all sounded great and good value for money (this was around 7 years ago, annual mileage 10k, £18 per month). However when it came to the tyres, it doesn't cover accidental damage (i.e. punctures) and they are also very fussy about the tread depth...
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    Self Closing Boot - Warning Sound

    Only warns (sounds) for me when I close it by holding up the boot switch on the driver's door (with ignition on). Makes sense as it is likely that you're not in direct line of sight of the boot when using this method to close it. Otherwise there is no warning, and I don't see any need for there...
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    Avant dog guard

    We're happy with our iCandy Peach! We have the all black colour with chrome chassis. I love the bright colours available but we settled on black as we thought it would hide any dirt better. It feels very well made and is super easy to adjust the height/length of the handle whilst it is assembled...
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    Avant dog guard

    p.s. I also have a Hatchbag boot liner, and I would highly recommend one! Great for dirty pushchair wheels and muddy dogs. I went for the optional bumper protection flap which is essential if your dog jumps in and out. Also went for the split seat option so I can still split fold the rear seats...
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    Avant dog guard

    Google for Travall products. They list a dog guard for the B9, but when I last checked it hadn't yet been released. May be worth emailing them. They make quality products. I opted for a TransK9 dog crate for my cocker spaniel in my B9. Superb quality, although not cheap. I have the B23ss (single...
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    Car Alarm problems?

    The alarm on my old car (VW Scirocco) kept going off randomly one night last year and it was due to a moth / insect flying around in the car which was triggering the interior motion sensors
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    Strange smell

    Yes this is very normal. I have the 2.0 TDi 190 and this occasionally happens also. Nothing to worry about.
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    Paintwork damage - Advice needed

    Hi all I was gutted recently to notice some damage to my front offside bumper. Unsure how it occurred. There appeared to be some white ?paint which washed off just with shampoo but it has damaged the paintwork and taken some of my paint off. It's predominantly on just one panel but possibly...
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    VCDS Help ...Call on the experts !

    One click remote unlock all doors is definitely a standard option within the MMI on the B9. I'm also sure the emergency brake flash is standard according to the manual.
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    Calling all 190 TFSI STronic Drivers, opinions wanted

    I have the 2.o TDi 190 S-Tronic, non-Quattro. I love the S-Tronic. It's the first I have owned (I drive a LR Discovery 3.0 Auto for work but that's a different beast). My A4 is great, however I must admit that it can wheel spin when pulling away from a junction relatively easily. It does depend...
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    Finance Agreement, Service Plan & Car Tax Cockup...

    My V5C also says variant B8. I'm sure I read on here that it is a common thing for lots of people who own B9s. It doesn't bother me. Similar thing happened with my old car, which was a manual Scirocco, but the V5C had the transmission listed as S-A, meaning Semi-Auto (DSG). I tried to get it...
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    Parking Brake Anomalies

    Yep mine is a diesel, 2.0 TDi 190
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    Parking Brake Anomalies

    Mine sometimes doesn't start first time either. Should we be pressing the button and then releasing it, or hold the button in until engine has started?
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    Rattling at speed

    Have you checked the flaps in the scuttle panel? The offside (driver's side) one gives access to the brake fluid chamber, and the near side one is empty beneath it. Lift the bonnet and they are immediately below the windscreen. The clips that hold them closed don't appear to be very definitive...
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    Notification that you've left your phone in the car...

    But this alert only works when the phone is plugged into a USB cable (which would charge the phone), no??
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    B9 A4/S4 - Little Surprises

    I didn't know this, will have to check it out!
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    Scraping underside over metal speed bump

    May help to know what spec of A4 you have (Sport / S-Line etc) and which (if any) suspension options
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    Thickness of the rim

    I thought I wanted flat-bottom SW when I was ordering mine, but decided against it to keep the cost down. Have had the car for 6 months now and I don't regret my decision. My old car had a FBSW but I don't miss this feature at all. Even from day one of collection of my B9 A4 I didn't even notice...
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    Passenger Airbag

    Yeh, it's normal