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  1. Rennywuk

    Newbie exhaust question xpipe related

    I want to get more noise from my exhaust in the cheapest way possible. Having done some research I like the idea of replacing the centre muffler with xpipes. Am I right in saying the oem system is 2.25? (I hope so as I've just bought one on eBay) I've seen some you tube clips but none with a...
  2. Rennywuk

    S4 Brake warning and speedo failure HELP!

    I've scoured the forums and not found an answer to my specific problem. My brake warning light came on (not ABS or pads warning). I was a couple of minutes from home and so when I got home turned the ignition off and back on and it disappeared. I then drove from work yesterday and it came on...
  3. Rennywuk

    Glove box trim removal

    Hi I'm recovering all my internal aluminium with snake skin vinyl. I think it looks ace. My problem is every guide ever showing the removal of the trim above the glove box is where it is one piece that is bolted above the centre console. My S4 has trim that is the length of the glove box only...