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    2017+ S3 WANTED

    Ah I found one already mate! Can’t believe how many people have contacted me on this to sell one! Thanks for the offer though. What’s the spec of yours anyways and asking price? My mates after one? you got any mods for sale? Wheels etc?
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    Wanted AUDI S3 2017+

    Morning all I’m after a one owner S3 with the minimum spec of Super sport seats and digi dash. open to colours and mileage, however it must be a one owner car! please let me know if you are selling/ considering in the near future. Cheers Adam
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    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Hi. New member here, but struggling to navigate. I’m after a S3 2017+ must be a 1 owner and have super sport seats. Anything else is an extra! Let me know if anyone’s thinking of selling theirs. Thanks
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    2017+ S3 WANTED

    Hi there I’m after a one owner S3 2017 onwards. must have super sport seats and digital dash, anything extra is a bonus! Please let me know if anyone’s thinking of selling. thanks
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    New to the forum but can't post - any ideas?

    Any idea why I can’t post? Just signed up today?