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    Revo remap Audi s3 8v

    Hi guys. Was speaking to Revo on the phone last week and they told me that Revo stage 2 is coming out for the Audi s3 8v in a couple of weeks. Was speaking to a couple of people and they said Revo arnt a good make, but others say they are good. What's everyone's thought In the Revo maps, needs help!
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    Epc light!

    Hey guys. Does anyone have an idea why my cars engine management light (epc) is coming on when I go past 100mph? I've got a full Milltek turbo back on it, the light only comes on when I go past 100mph, I loose all boast and it doesn't seem to go any faster even though my foot is hard to the...
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    Does The Honeycomb Rs3 Grill Fit The New 2014 S3 8v?

    Hey guys. Just bought the new Audi s3 8V and I'm not really liking the grill on it. I prefer the rs3 honeycomb grill and was just wondering if anyone could Help me and know of it fitting the 8V? Thanks guys