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  1. makelja

    VW Passat GTE Sedan 2020

    After having five Audis in 9 years and having renovated the car port to also have 380v to properly charge a PHEV and also having a free charging at work. And also because Audi does not provide A3 sedan as PHEV I decided to change back to Volkswagen. First one: Second one: Third one...
  2. makelja

    S-Line style roof spoiler

    I just ordered an S-Line style roof spoiler for my Avant. Has anyone replaced the SE small spoiler with either this or the RS style. Is it needed to remove the original or is it just glueing it on top of the original?
  3. makelja

    ACC to a non-acc car

    I am going to retrofit a cruise control to my car. There was a thread earlier which had the settings for VCDS, how to make it work in a non-acc car. The reason being that ACC stalks are easier to find in Ebay and they seem to be cheaper also I cannot find the thread any more. If someone is...