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  • Hi got your name from Sandra Audi Sport, was wondering if you could activate my audi drive select.
    I am wondering if you might be able to help me with an ABS Problem on my 54 Plate A3 TDI. I am looking for the codes to be read by someone with VCDS.
    Hi, I am interested in the toyosport FMIC you fitted to your Stage 2 S3. It looks great and I think its more than big enough for the S3 while running a standard turbo. I was hoping you could tell me the pipe size you used and if there was any trouble fitting it, and also are the results still good? I appreciate your time by the way.

    Best John
    Hi vroomtshh, Sandra (Moderator) advised me to contact you re maybe being able to help me get needle sweep on my A4 b8 via VCDS. If you can mate that would be gr8. I'm in Irvine, you can reach me via a pm or on 07887735517 to arrange. Thanks. John G.
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