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    Facelift Project Dutch Christmas Tree

    Hi all, Any info on how the Dashboard inlay lighting was achieved pls
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    Front Arch Liner Removal

    Hi all, I need to replace the washer fluid reservoir bottle/tank on my 2009 8P S3, does anyone have an existing thread I could look at (I’ve tried looking for one) or have any instructions? I believe I just need to remove the front arch liner rather than the entire front bumper assembly? Any...
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    Bonnet noise insulation foam

    It’s actually for fire protection I’m am told. I have one for sale if you need another
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    New Recall 2016 RS3

    So what was the recall? Your message is ambiguous, another new fuel pump or something else and unrelated?
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    Porsche 958/gt3? calipers ....

    No worries, I managed to fit RS6 6 Pots with 390 waves in the end
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    RS3 Servicing Prices

    Had all of the above done as well as pan roof service & air con sanitation/re-gas for £606 but then again I think it was their way of apologising for a gearbox leak after a supposed fix they had done.
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    Updated key [TTRS] fob

    Apologies if this has been posted already but for those with Keyless, have any of you updated to the TTRS key fob? My current RS3 fob looks prehistoric
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    Sportback Rs3 panoramic sun roof

    Correct, full build is (or was) in the 8P forum
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    Facelift RO2 / AO1 Tyres

    I’ve been told (wives tale/ myth?) that you have to run identical tyres on the same axle but can be different on a separate axle, for example two identical Pirelli’s on the front axle and two identical continentals on the rear axle.
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    245/35/19 ps4s or ad08r

    Apologies for the thread hijack, anyone 225s on rears with an 8.5J wheel?
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    MSS kit

    Reasons for going for the MSS kit withstanding I wouldn’t waste your money, just go for a set of H&R lowering springs. I have the MSS track kit, it is as it’s lowest setting and would be no different to a set of H&R springs. I’ve never adjusted mine and doubt I ever will so what’s the big...
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    Facelift Anybody regret modifying their car in any way?

    I presume wrecked it by ‘over’ tuning it and by reading some of the comments, seems like you’ve blown it up?
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    Facelift Anybody regret modifying their car in any way?

    Curiously what are your regrets? My 8P is heavyly modified but then it is outside warranty and it’s not my everyday car My RS3 is only lowered with different wheels. I wouldn’t modify it any further within my [5] warranty. I’ll probably trade it in with some warranty left on it to attract...
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    I am giving up with reversing LEDs .. all beeping

    I have done front/rear indicators. No warnings Done rear brake lights but throwing Dash bulb out. What are you running on rear brake lights and what year is your car?