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    Best forum reply ever?

    that's f**king ace!!
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    Halo reach

    I'm exactly the same ! Enjoying this alot more than i thought i would, never played the Halo series before untill now.
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    Part # needed for button. PIc attached

    Automated Stop & Go ie cutting out at junctions etc to save emission ... yadda yadda yadda
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    i phone apps, whats your favourite's?

    Skobbler lite - Free Turn by Turn navigation ! Browser - Full Screen web browser Talking Tom - Talking Cat app - its very funny ! Pencil illusion - uses the camera and draws the image as if its a pencil sketch in realtime
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    MY11 Rear Lights

    My lights arrived from TPS yesterday!!! Haven't seen any pics of these on a Black A3 so i thought i'd post some pics to help someone who is making the MY09 or MY11 decision!!
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    This Looks "Wrong" To Me. What Do You Think?

    Looks like incomplete combustion in the number 2 cylinder and the unburnt fuel has worked wonders on cleaning the cylinder .
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    19" Audi BBS/Speedlines with 225/35/19 PS2's

    What tints have you got there mate?
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    Hello I am new !!

    Evening And Welcome !
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    £15 A Day!! Are you having a laugh??

    usually its to reduce the excess on the courtesy car policy, some dealers have no fee but a policy excess circa £2,000 or pay a small fee e.g £10 and reduce that excess down to £200 ! EDIT Forgot to say when my Audi has been in at the dealers (Swindon Audi) for Warranty work i've not paid a...
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    Been told my car has to be chipped ot be mapped?

    When i worked at a Tuning Company, I was told that if the throttle is fly by wire then it can be mapped via OBD, if its cable then its an ECU out job and will need to be done on the bench
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    TT-S Shifter Fitted!

    anyone know the part number for the manual equivelent?
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    Stuck abroad?

    ^^^^ That could work out very lucrative or very pricey lol
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    Bird hit my windscreen at 70mph!!!

    Unlucky mate!! reminds me of this
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    Another Audi Exclusive Colour

    still got the chocks in the suspension perhaps?
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    preston audi!...terrible

    Swindon Audi seem pretty good at diagnosis ... just a shame they have scratched my car everytime its been in ....