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    buy a bike or build a track car?

    Think you may need to up your budget on your track day, have to include brakes/tyre's every other time or so (Obviously depends on how hard you drive it). especially if your driving it home at the end of the day. I'd go for having a fun car over a bike everyday of the week, but thats just...
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    This place takes all my money!!!!

    As said above just insure it separately if your that worried, If somebody wants it they're going to get it.
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    Missus is looking to get an A3 2.0fsi......

    I'm selling my 2.0FSI at the mo, hasn't got the leather or bose, very few did when I was looking for one. The main reason for me getting mine was that it was the best performing and nicest car with a decent insurance quote. Get good fuel economy, and can get 400 miles to the tank yes. Its...
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    Please Help - BBS CK or BBS CH-R

    Definitely anthracite!
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    Please Help - BBS CK or BBS CH-R

    I've got a set of Anthracite CK's up for sale if your interested drop me a PM. You can see them on my car in the for sale link in my sig :)
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    Respraying a golf

    Are you keeping it the same colour or changing it?
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    A3 Sportsback 170 300bhp+

    +1 on this. If your spending that sort of cash your probably going to be better off lightening panels, interior bits etc. And by doing that you won't have to do the brakes, and you'll get a massive MPG increase too. If its your everyday car then your not going to want to strip it out, but by...
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    Any one seen any tidy A1's about?

    Saw two parked up at silverstone a couple of weeks ago. White one and a Black one, they looked so nice!
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    Another parking ticket question...

    Pay It, he'll have taken photo evidence before writing the ticket anyway so he's got all the evidence he needs :/
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    Jacking Up An A3

    You can do that on my MR2 aswell, but don't think there's anyway on an A3 like that, might be a Jap thing. The emergency Jack is alright for changing a wheel but I wouldn't trust getting under it. Does it not go high enough to get axle stands under it?
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    Ultimate Epic Octane Booster FAIL!

    I got to page three then realised it was 147 pages long!!! Nobody can be THAT stupid can they?
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    A3 Concept Geneva

    I like it, but it just looks like an A4 with a little bit of boot missing. Not saying its a bad car though, I'd love it.
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    Couple of questions guys

    Do not cut springs! Seriously weakens them. If your not after silly Low then you may well be happy with 19s without a suspension change.
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    Paying for a New A3

    ALWAYS inspect it first, I'm sure they can tax/register it before you pay, somebody may have just let them down recently and they're being over cautious. If you play your face a bit I'm sure they'll play ball, especially when buying a new car. Don't pay a penny before Its inspected, regardless...
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    Fantasy Formula 1

    Team name: Team Robinson How original :)