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    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    Hi , Fantastic advice from Spartacus68 , just had to replace one of the rear most suspension arm ( approx £300 from the indi ) . I've got it now booked in for hunter wheel alignment. Thank you
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    Sounds a bit dull..

    Hi RaymyM, Is the car brand new ? I noticed with mine after it was run in for 6 months it made a difference. It now sounds quite meaty, i can certainly hear it when i drive on the keen side ! Cheers
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    Extended warranty

    Hi , In the 4th year i went for an Audi Warranty which covered pretty much everything but it was expensive but it does give you peace of mind. Today i've just pulled the trigger on a 3 year warranty through ALA ( administered by the RAC ) . Cost £760 with labour costs of £100/ hour and no...
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    S4 tdi or 2.0tfsi 45?

    Plus one for the 2.0 252 BHP TFSI. It's a cracking car - not a slow coach and only marginally slower than an S4 ( somebody posted a 0-60 video between an S4 and a 252 ). I have no regrets in buying it and won't be giving it up for a long time . Like the OP i had the dilemma of buying...
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    Rear Number Plate

    Hi , I had another quick look today and the foam attached to the bodywork comes off real easily , i thought that it was going to be more messy. It's about 3mm thick foam and level with the plug holes for screws ( which are raised ). I have taken off some either side and in the middle it's...
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    Rear Number Plate

    Thanks Spearo / gtunney Some good advice . I am not keen on plate holders so i 'll try and get the foam off with some fishing line and some de solv it and a plastic scraper , if that doesn't work i've got some tar remover. I've only got a couple of days to put the new plate on but all...
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    Rear Number Plate

    Hi , I am putting a new rear number plate on and going to stick it but when i took off the old plate there seems to be a cushion foam covering most of the area. Could i stick the pads to the foam and would that work or do i need to remove the foam to get better contact. I have some tar...
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    Moisture in headlights?

    Hi MOA4B9, Funny you should mention this but i had the same issue but on the back indicator - message comes up on the dash to say it's some kind of malfunction . when i looked at it the dynamic indicator did a half attempt of sweeping along. I took it to the main dealers who said water had...
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    Detailing recommendation in West Yorkshire please

    Hi Jon at Advance Detail - based in Leeds. He's fantastic, does an excellent job. I would highly recommend him. Play around on the Services tab and the Price Configurator to get an idea of costs. Regards Andrew.
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    Ceramic coating. Restoring to just the ceramic coating

    Hi Ianf42 Iron remover and a Tar remover will strip Beadmaker and the any remaining wax. I have not used Carpro Reset - but this is just a strong ph shampoo designed just for general cleaning . The name is a bit confusing because it alludes to something that could be used for the task...
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    Extended warranty cost?

    Hi rasA4, Yep - ALA , they also do Gap insurance . Which i got through them. When i looked at it it was very transparent and easy to follow - the bonus was you could specify that the repairs would be done by a main dealer . ( Other companies seem to have the information buried and it...
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    Extended warranty cost?

    Hi , i am in same boat and it looks like i'll have to go with Audi . Decision to be made in the next 2 weeks . I did notice ALA used to do a warranty but in the last 2 weeks have pulled it :3 level of cover, £50 excess and you can specify repairs to be done by the main dealers. Could take...
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    Brake fluid change

    Hi Candell Main dealers charge £68. I am having mine done next week.
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    Maintenance Costs

    Cheers Cake2U and Daggerit, i thought it best to check as you guys know more than me.
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    Maintenance Costs

    Hi , The car is a petrol 2 litre quattro 2016 , bought new and very pleased with it so it was always planned to be a keeper. Just need to be clear of the maintenance costs, apart from the servicing and air con. So i think i need : S tronic fluid changed every 40,000 ( i do less than...