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    " Audi A4 B6 UK " club on Facebook

    Just clicked on the join button
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Nothing waiting on parts then the fun will begin
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    B6 Bumper Options.

    Does anyone know where I can get a passengers side votex fog light grill from please can't find one anywhere
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Here's my b6. She's a 1.9tdi 130. I have had it about 8 months and only now getting round to it as I've had nothing but problems. Previous owner blew the turbo and engine but I've sunk a load of money I didn't have into her and nows she's alive once more. I have still got loads to do but will...
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    What do you do for a job?

    I'm a recovery driver for a company in south wales
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    Help and advice needed

    Hi everyone ive managed to get my hands on this b7 steering wheel but didn't get time to nab the slip ring as well. Can anyone what part number slip ring i need for it and if there is anything else i woild need to fit it to my b6 thank you
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    Smokey 1.9tdi 130

    @b16 will would you know what it means when a 1.9tdi awx engine starts smoking white, I've been told its the turbo gone but have not got any idea how to test it. Any advice would be appreciated cheers gareth
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    Audi R8 driver trying to ram other car

    I would of got out and smashed his face in. but saying that its all on camera so i would of just drove into him the bell end as he is
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    Rear Door Lock

    Cheers fella will have to wait till the weekend now, cheers :)
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    Rear Door Lock

    Hope someone can help me as this problem is starting to drive me mad now. when i unlock/lock my doors with the fob or key everthing works fine, and when i push the lock button on the drivers door they all lock but when i unlock the doors with the button everything unlocks except my rear drivers...
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    I have been ripped off before on ebay for an hid kit, has any one got a link to a good seller that they have bought from in the past and if i go for a 6000k kit for my head lights then what can i do for my main beam also what bulbs can i get for my fog lights. Cheers. Gareth
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    Question about Exhausts

    I have an exhaust that I removed from my old B5 1.8t avant, does anyone know if it would fit my B6 saloon 2.0 with abit of tweaking or would I be better off getting a new one. Or has anyone on here done it and done a post on here cheers Gareth
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    Cruise control

    could some one do a break down of the parts i would need to do this and the best place to source the parts from please thank you
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    Question about double din

    I just phoned audi in cardiff and was told that can get it for £48.90, so i better start saving. Thanks again guys
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    Question about double din

    Ok thank you fella