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    Just saying Hello

    Welcome! :icon thumright:
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    Scratches on side window (factory tint)

    'Privacy glass' is specially made, a dark pigment is added to the blend during the manufacturing process to achieve a given level of VLT. It's an electronic process called 'deep dipping' and as such cannot be removed. It sounds like the glass itself has been scratched.
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    Dog proof my rear seat.

    Audi do a solution, might be US market only though. 8X0061680A
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    Machine polish

    Price seems quite high, especially given the workmanship. I'd push for some of that back and take it elsewhere personally as they don't sound overly experienced in detailing.
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    MMI update revision notes

    I wouldn't messing with updating and flashing things myself, my op was one more of curiosity. I'm luckily in that I don't (presently) have any software problems and my car's from early '14! I'm sure I'd have noticed something by now.
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    Scruffy xenon headlights

    I'm sure you already know but, 3M do a good kit for headlight restoration which needs to be coupled with a good sealer, although this kit won't work with glass and the process is slightly different working with glass as a whole your headlights will almost certainly be plastic. They'll need a...
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    MMI update revision notes

    I do get that and understand the reluctance to be proactive and periodically update software (and recognize the inherent risk that any update brings). I don't argue the attitude of 'if it's not broke don't fit it' is wrong, I'm just saying, from an end users perspective and perceived experience...
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    MMI update revision notes

    Answers my question :icon thumright: The AA and CP comment was more aimed toward PFL 8v's. It didn't become an option until FL right? They just seem slow to adopt and implement new mainstream tech
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    MMI update revision notes

    That's nuts. I do feel Audi is behind the times with their software, I don't understand why in this day and age software updates aren't compulsory as if an update been released it's to address a problem or improve upon the performance of a system, why that wouldn't be mandated as part of the...
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    MMI update revision notes

    I've never seen anything like this but would anyone happen to know if there's a list of mmi revisions out there in the wild somewhere that includes a list of any feature additions/bugfixes? Just interested to know whether there's an ultimate refined recommended revision everyone should be...
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    Auto wipers (rain sensitive) not working

    Yes, it has (at some point) been replaced. In honestly, it's not a massive problem (as I can just use intermittent for now) so I'm not placing any particular urgency behind fixing it, I was just throwing it out there to see whether anyone had seen this before. It's in for a major service within...
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    Auto wipers (rain sensitive) not working

    I'm unsure whether the gel pack was changed with the windscreen (as it was replaced before I owned the car and I haven't seen any paperwork) although from the exterior, the gel pack itself does look okay, there are no air bubbles and I can see the sensors. Even if there was a problem with the...
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    Auto wipers (rain sensitive) not working

    Is there anyway to test the sensor is working as it should be (without replacing the whole unit and gel pack). I suppose I could attack it with a multimeter
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    Auto wipers (rain sensitive) not working

    I'm struggling to find any information or similar experiences to this anywhere. I have a pfl S3 8V Sportback, since having it the rain sensitive auto wipers haven't worked, I can disable the 'rain sensitive' function from within the mmi which swaps them over to basic intermittent (which works...
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    Replacement fob and cut key for 2009 Audi A3 tdi

    I was looking into this a few months back. Consensus is to expect £170+ from Audi.