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    Audi A3 8P speakers

    My friend has an 2008 sportback and is a basic spec and therefore has no speakers in the back doors. Is it possible to add these speakers, are they pre-wired? There is no option to fade to rear but assume the radio is the same, just coded? I think it's a chorus radio.
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    Go for the RNS-E
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    Audi 8L RNS-E sat nav

    I have found a later version which is 43 pages long and talks about video in motion and multimedia. I don't have the last version I did because of a hard drive crash.
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    Audi 8L RNS-E sat nav

    As some of you older members remember I had an S3 with RNS-E fitted. I logged on here and found quite a few PM's asking for the guide. I produced a large guide (30+ pages) for doing this, single DIN to double etc. Please Email me at
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    My S3 for Sale

    Bit expensive for a pre-facelift but nice low miles.
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    S3 + Snow

    2 years of having mine it was very good along country lanes.
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    S3 Valuation Please

    I sold mine for 8.2k last year which had more miles but a very good spec. So I would agree with simch 7k is about right but as you are in no hurry try 7.5k but there are plenty of tyre kickers out there.
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    Cupholder woes!

    Sounds like he is talking about the storage compartment.
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    Anyone in south-east kent do not use this garage!

    I agree. Perhaps as you supplied the parts they didn't make it to the fitter. Have you called them to see if they will put it right before moaning as mistakes do happen?
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    Cupholder woes!

    There are no buttons that go in them just blanks so they can do left and right hand drive versions easily. Thus the cupholder will fit. Perhaps hide ESP switch to the back behing the cup holders as there should be room unless you need to turn it on & off?
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    help... im loosing interest.

    I 2nd that, worth every penny...a different car.
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    Cupholder woes!

    They always get stuck in. Use a stabbing motion at the will come out. If that fails to remove the surrounding piano trim make a small hook to pull at the back of the trim as it is held in place by 2 spring clips. Then the cupholder is held in place by 4 clips, use 2 small flat...
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    Cupholder woes!

    Remove the panio trim and then you can see that there are some clips to remove the cupholder.
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    retro fitting auto dimming mirror

    From memory the mirror just twists off it's mount 90 degrees anti clockwise. I got the power from the light.
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    Retro-fit SatNav???

    The RNS-D is a very very rare option. If you get a car with a symphony head unit it is not too dificult to fit the RNS-E.