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    3rd gear problem

    With the engine off no problems slotting in 3rd . And sometimes at idle it gos in without grind . But then it grinds .
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    3rd gear problem

    Hi all, Right I done a carbon clean in valves yesterday was built up with carbon now lovely and clean toke all day now that job is done , now time for the problem After putting it all back together let it run for 15mins before a drive once I was out on the road . .. (mind u that night before...
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    2.0tfsi bul fuel injectors

    Hi there , I need to replace my fuel injectors as got misfire . Only have fuel injectors and carbon clean left to do . As have replaced lot off parts and left with these two now ... engine code BUL .... I am looking for the oem number for my injectors dose anyone know ? Yes I know I could...
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    For Sale Audi b7 quattro 220 b7

    Not to sell . Needed advice
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    B7 aux

    Hi all . Wanna put a aux port in my b7 for my phone . How do I go about it ? Thanks
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    New thermostat but no hot air

    Drive home from work this morning. the hot heaters was lovely . Temps are still fine. Fingers crossed all sorted now .
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    New thermostat but no hot air

    Car is running at 90 fine no problems . As before new stat was reading 70 . have just bleed it from the hose near the bulkhead with the bleed hole . Wasnt lots off air but enough I think . So far so good hot air again . Will test it going to work at 5 and home in morning . Hopefully its...
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    New thermostat but no hot air

    Hi all . Put New thermostat in 2.0tfsi b7 but no hot air unless driving
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Looking for a set off 19s for my b7 special edition quattro . Maybe a cat back
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    Humming noise . Please help

    Hi all again . Right my a4 b7 estate is making a humming noise when driving from the front sounds like drivers side. Only happens when going past 30mph and gets louder and when slowing down but stops after 30mph to 0 . I am thinking wheel bearing . But after looking online it also say could be...
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    Best way thermostat in bul

    Thank you . Have sorted it . Big help
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    Best way thermostat in bul

    Wanna check it is 2 bolts and 3 hoses , tb pipe. ? Replace some again to put back on . As look online some say lossen the alternator and belt . ???
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    Boost gauge install t into

    Hi all . Wanting to install a boost gauge as going for a remap on my b7 220ps quattro. Wondering where the best place to t it into . Also wondering what pod to get . So if people have done could I see pics please . as looking into steering column pod but not 100% on which one yet but after a...
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    Engine rattle on start up for less the 3secs then fine

    Just done some videos off the rattle . But dont know how to upload them . But I do notice same knocking noise from drive side a passenger side wheel bits it's not the wheel as I was on my driveway still . Could this be the fly rattling about causing the problems . As at the minute I am...