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    Audi Ashtray Cup alternatives ?

    The wiring and fuse rating are probably identical. The different sockets are where the lower specs for the cig lighter come from, there is more contact area at the bottom of the 12v power socket than the 2 small connectors which touch the sides of the cig lighter. The greater surface area...
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    Tyre pressure

    I believe the A3 uses the ABS sensor to monitor the wheels rotational speed as mentioned above for the TPM system. As the tyre deflates it's diameter is smaller so the ABS sensor detects the change compared to the other wheels. You should not need the TPM valve caps for an A3 these ones...
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    Hill Assist / Hill Hold Assist

    Handydave I hope the sequence of events you describe is correct as I have just ordered an A3 Saloon with HAA and the 1.4 cod engine. With no manual box options other than the diesel I hope the car stays shut down until the throttle is pressed. Quizzing the salesman was next to pointless as he...
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    Hill Assist / Hill Hold Assist

    Hi does anybody have this fitted to an A3 with an stronic / dsg box. Was curious to know what would happen when both are fitted as the start stop will kill the engine on depression of the brake with an stronic but will restart when the brake is released only now the hill hold should stop the...