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    For Sale A6/S6 C5 Avant 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic £1450

    Audi A6/S6 Avant C5 model. 1999. 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic. Circa 300 bhp. Full wide bodied Avant, alloy front wings and bonnet, only found on the V8s. Copy of build sheet, practically an S6 build. Full cream leather electric Recaros. Recent quad exhaust back section. New front brake...
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    Pretty bad vibration-A6 C5 Avant 4.2

    After some inactive months due to the weather I have finally solved the issue. Bought my daughters mk4 Golf GTI 180 as a stop gap, now my daily. I digress, after a few supplier issues I eventually had the correct front calipers sent. The originals were seized hence the Quattro system getting its...
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    Instrument binnacle change-needs programming apparently.

    Went to change my instrument binnacle, old one pixels shot and speedo well out, not the original. Managed to obtain a decent S6 one. Easy swap but immobiliser kicks in. I guess it needs programming? Is this an easy job or expensive if I need specialist tools etc? Hoping there is someone local...
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    Rear suspension part numbers or exploded view-C5 Quattro

    Thanks for that, will interrogate that later.
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    Rear suspension part numbers or exploded view-C5 Quattro

    As title. I need to replace some of the rear suspension bushes on my A6 C5 V8 Quattro Avant due to bad vibrations. My local motor factors have their own part numbers but no exploded views to relate the part to the position and don't hold stock. I have no idea what type goes where and the...
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    Pretty bad vibration-A6 C5 Avant 4.2

    last couple of weeks I am getting some bad instances of vibration and shaking. It comes and goes but at its worst feels like the wheels are going to fall off and at low speeds. It is hard to pinpoint the source, just wondering if this has happened to anyone before? Gets worse turning right but...
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    For Sale: C5 A6 Eibach Pro Street Coilovers

    Oh damn you! I would be but too near to xmas, unless swmbo has them on her wish list! :smiley:
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    2002 Audi S6 value?

    Tough one that. Would take an enthusiast to take that on with those miles and no history. Probably get £1500 maybe more, worth more broken no doubt if you have the time and space. Maybe we are not doing it justice without photos etc. I guess an average one would get £4-5k? Rising double that for...
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    Interior lights not working

    Have you read the posts? Checked 12v supply and fixed the issue.
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    Travel Advice for Visiting US

    I've been lucky and used my avios points up on the last couple, mostly for upgrades. It does pay to get a package in advance. I have hired whilst in the states but find it cheaper if done in the UK beforehand.
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    Travel Advice for Visiting US

    Believe it or not Mustangs are common over there now and not seen as quality hire cars, but to us tourists ideal! The Corvette was awesome to coin a phrase, full of toys, various settings from cruise to track with different diff settings and exhaust noises. It would also drop to 4 cylinders when...
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    Central locking issues

    Must have spoken too soon! Went out earlier, dash warning to say hatch open, wasn't shutting at all, I unlocked the car with two presses on the fob. Locked the car on the fob, all fine. Opened on the fob with button pressed twice, all open and hatch won't shut and hold. Lock again and one press...
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    Travel Advice for Visiting US

    If the hire desks are pushing on you to take a particular car it is because they need miles on them as they are new and not many hire them. Haggle hard and you will get a good deal. Got this Corvette Stingray for under $200 more for the duration of my Daytona 500 vacation back in February, was...
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    Central locking issues

    As per the interior light thread found loose relays in the ccm, resoldered them and seems to have fixed it for now. Only worry is why they fell out, might be a faulty pcb so may need to buy a replacement.