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    Is 300 Bhp Enough For Uk Roads?

    Try the Toyota GT86 (or Subaru BRZ). Front engine, RWD,1250kg. An absolute blast to drive, puts a smile on your face when cornering at 30mph. It really proves that 200bhp is enough, but then again it could benefit from a bit more
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    Farecla G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt

    Definitely wash first, or you may as well be dragging sandpaper over your car if you go straight for the clay mitt
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    SatNav & Adaptive Lights or LEDS

    You might want to check that the side assist actually works on both sides of the car. Heard somewhere it only works on the inside (ie left only for RHD vehicles, and vice versa). Could be wrong but worth clarifying as they wouldn't help much on the continent if that's the case
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    Audi S3 Revo Stage 2+ Theoretical Top Speed

    My old S3 had a unicorn stage 2+ and seemed to run out of ideas (engine power vs air resistance) at 163 mph GPS speed. Could have maybe wring a couple more mph but 190 would likely require a downhill gradient. This was on an autobahn so perfectly legal
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    2010 S3 8p - REVO V SUPERCHIPS

    Ricks based in Stockport, Google unicorn motor developments for the website or contact him on the forum here as he's one of the sponsors. As for price it depends what you want as he does some enticing optional extras like launch control and flat shift. His prices are very reasonable
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    Just saw this.....a steal

    Or for £1k more an immaculate silver stage 2+ nearly half the mileage. Sorry, shameless plug
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    2010 S3 8p - REVO V SUPERCHIPS

    Totally agree with warren_S3. I have a unicorn custom map on mine. At stage 2+ it's 350bhp which is on the lower end of what you would expect but with a massive torque figure and a good progressive profile it's still a seriously quick machine. Ricks service was second to none when the map was...
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    Audi R8 Replica

    Head Turner?? Stomach more like!
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    Top Gear's Back!!

    I did like the 'red and green' advert though :-D
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    What colour is my car?

    I think that's ice silver the same as mine but can't be 100% from the photo
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    Torque App & OBD2 BT Dongle

    I'll second what jimmcgee said, I did this once, but lesson learnt. The torque app itself isn't bad at all, some of the features are a bit pointless (like the 'eco tree') but it's fairly decent. When I was down Santa Pod a few months ago the quarter mile times the app showed were not exactly the...
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    Good Price for PS4?

    I think it's because Sony are going full on gaming machine for the PS4 whereas the PS3 was marketed as a 'media centre'. Agree it's a bit annoying but still got the 3 so it's not the end of the world
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    Blue jeans stain on Oyster Leather seats?

    No but have you tried Gliptone? Their cleaner and conditioner are both really good products
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    Good Price for PS4?

    It doesn't seem to work with my Samsung 1Tb, not sure if a smaller HDD would work though. If you are interested in COD Ghosts, BF4, Assassin's Creed 4 or FIFA 14 buy the PS3 version instead. (Usually a lot cheaper, got AC4 for £22) and you can upgrade them on SEN for a tenner for a limited time...
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    RS3 in Forza Motorsport 5

    Unfortunately it doesn't.