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    Twin Exhaust tail pipe finishers on a diesel....whats people got?

    This is what i've had done, was £80 (£40quid each tip, and fitted) they had to lower the exhaust to fit them tho, think these are 3 maybe 3.5 inch, not sure, but most exhaust places should be able to do this fine, i had it done the day after i got the car, as it does look nasty two brown pipes...
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    So much torque it'll spin the world!!

    You've made me eat my own words with the "suggestions" comment i've made! i'm talking to them now and they seem to know there stuff about Diesel tuning! you've been a great help! to many of these "tuning companys" pretty much only deal with petrols and just had no idea when i mentioned about...
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    So much torque it'll spin the world!!

    so i want to keep this nice and simple, i dont want any "if's, maybes, possibly" i want "Certainly!!!!!" so.... i have the A4 2.0tdi 170, (fwd) which seems to be one of the hardest cars to tune/find parts that have been used! i want to aim high, in the region of 250bhp and 500nm! or as the...
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    STOLEN :(

    Not good man! hope you find the car and them and do more disgusting things to their balls that'll make jackie stallone not so disgusting to look at!
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    Need some help, hope you know the answer,

    as i'm hearing alot of good things, i'm hoping you can help me out, i have and A4 2.0tdi 170, but i have a judder/misfire under full trottle, other then that can runs fine, and can be taken all through the rev range fine, its only under full throttle it judders/misfires i've had the car...
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    I think i'm selling up....

    for a quick check to see if its your turbo, pull off the intake pipe to the first intercooler, if loads of oil comes out... send the turbo off! altho there will still be a little bit of oil if the turbo is fine,
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    Lack of power, juddering! any ideas?? 2.0tdi 170

    an update for anyone who may be having similar problems, i've had the remap removed to make sure it wasnt the settings making Angelina (the A4) ill, after the map was taking off, still had the same problem go over 2.000 RPM then the judder starts, anyways after hours of racing up and down the...
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    Lack of power, juddering! any ideas?? 2.0tdi 170

    juat a general fault code reader from mac tools, but i asked the remappers (if thats a word) would VCDS read something that maybe my one wouldnt, he said for fault codes it shouldn't make any difference, but now i've also been told by someone else who remapps that having a DPF delete cause fault...
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    lowering springs

    i know i own an A4 but help will be good, i recently refitted my standard springs and shocks (s-line sport) and on the front my nearside looks about a good 30-40mm higher... is it possible i fitted a spring upside down?? i looked at them and couldn't see a difference in which way it fitted?
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    Lack of power, juddering! any ideas?? 2.0tdi 170

    unfortunately it wasn't the fuel filter, fitted a new one the weekend, after once again rechecking for any splits or boost leaks, and rechecked the smaller pipes from the actuator :S
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    Lack of power, juddering! any ideas?? 2.0tdi 170

    well, it had a service 6000miles ago, oils, filters, and fuel filter, and yeah at the same time it had the injector mod done, it has a pretty decent lack of power aswell, currently checking all the vacume pipes on the turbo for splits, also the whole intake system for leaks, cant hear any...
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    Lack of power, juddering! any ideas?? 2.0tdi 170

    hey guys, so recently my car has started juddering again, 2.0tdi 170, remapped DPF delete/removed along those lines, anyways i was giving it blast along the motorway got to 145...ummm Kph in case of any cops wondering... and then it started to nicely judder after, now if i boot it from...
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    dammit! thats the colour i wanted! and the rims! looks mint bud!
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    Have I blown my engine?! PLEASE help!

    you would be surprised with what can get past an intercooler and into the engine, low compression tho on 3 out of 4, one thing for sure is with a garage... its gunna cost you! low compression can be a number of things, blown injector seals, blown head gasket, possible that parts may of got...