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    VAG Commander to extract PIN - cluster swap

    Here’s the one I have: I’ve since added components to the software, great tool!
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    09 White Cluster/DIS fitted to 04 8P

    You need to make sure you have an ABS controller with long coding. This is where I had problems. My abs controller had short coding and would not work with the new white DIS cluster. The only way round it was to change the abs unit completely which required me making an adapter to change the...
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    Vcds Belfast ??

    I live in Belfast, where abouts are you and what are you needing done?
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    About to purchase Audi A3 1.6 S Line S Tronic 3dr (2009), anything I should know?

    It is low but I'm putting I down to the short stop start journey I do in the morning and evening. In the space of about 5 miles I have to deal with heavy traffic and 14 sets of traffic lights of which I'm stopped at nearly all of them. I use the AC pretty much all the time too. My car is 05 with...
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    About to purchase Audi A3 1.6 S Line S Tronic 3dr (2009), anything I should know?

    I have a 1.6 also and the exhaust certainly has a bit of a note to it. I actually thought there may be something wrong with it but it looks to be in great condition. The only regret I have is the engine size, it's just too small to haul these heavy cars around efficiently. I use quite a lot of...
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    Boost gauge help

    You'd need to get it on to the inlet manifold somewhere or else any vacuum hose that's attached to it. I can't be specific for your engine but that's the general rule of thumb. Just make sure you use good quality hose and fittings.
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    Is this a third party warranty from a used car dealer? I wouldn't have thought they'd cover that kind of thing as standard.
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    A3 drivers front brake

    I had the same problem with my Impreza, no real symptoms other than a hot disc. Turned out 3 out of the 4 pistons were sticking! It's easy enough to sort out, pop the piston out and clean it along with the caliper bore. Use some red rubber grease to reassemble and maybe get a seal kit on hand...
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    A3 drivers front brake

    Most likely is a stuck piston indeed. Did you try pushing it back a bit when the caliper was off?
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    a3 2004 fsi sport

    If it's managed to break the cam shaft sprocket off then I'd say there's valve damage at the very least. Take the head off and stop wasting your own time. This will prove if there's valve damage without spending money on new parts and fitting them to a potentially scrap engine.
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    Pros and cons of the 8P 3.2?

    Thanks for the reply! I actually looked at your advert, very nice car btw. I really need a Sportback for the small ones though. I had seen a lot of stuff about timing chains giving trouble and the car I'd seen has supposedly had it changed already. It's also a 2005 model. The Haldex is said to...
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    a3 2004 fsi sport

    Hi there, I'd say it's bent a lot of valves at the very least. There may be piston damage as well as head damage. Pull it apart and have a look. You have nothing to lose at this point. new engine is likely to be the easiest and most cost effective option from my experience. Just make sure you...
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    Pros and cons of the 8P 3.2?

    Just looking opinions and/or advice on the 8P 3.2 really. I already have a 2005 8P 1.6 8 valve and only came across it because it was very cheap and also has full Audi history etc. I really like the car but I miss the torque and power of previous cars I've had. This leads me to considering the...
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    Wiring layout

    Hopefully those help, sorry for the delay!