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    JOM Coilover (Pics) - DPM Performance

    What do you mean? Bonnet is raised by 6mm on the rear bolts and 4mm on the front ones. Insulation and the rear rubber seal has been removed. Makes a noticeable difference, but is a little noisier.. :/
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    JOM Coilover (Pics) - DPM Performance

    Hi Olly! The front is roughly 2 inches from the bottom of the thread and the rear is just the spring (removed bottom spring rubber and left out height adjustment thread). The front just clears going up car parks I've tried with around 1mm gap before the wheels touch. Driving spiritedly she...
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    JOM Coilover (Pics) - DPM Performance

    Hi guys, purchased some JOM coilovers from DPM performance for my DTM last week. Delivery was really fast even though they ordered them directly from Germany. Wanted to say thanks to Ryan_hol as he gave me some great feedback on these, which is the main reason I bought them. The coilovers are...
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    Annoying Rattle

    Same problem, very temperamental. Usually happens when the exhaust is warm. From further inspection it sounds more like the small flexi after the cat.
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    marmite time

    So much love for this. Bonnet bra is obviously unsightly but a necessary evil for long drives :)
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    Changing suspension to se spec-cost?

    Ok hopefully they are, will save us ending up with a spare set. If not I'll get mine sorted and you can have mine.
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    Changing suspension to se spec-cost?

    Eibach coilovers? - I'm changing mine soon on the DTM. Not sure if it's the same as the SE
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    what springs for a better ride and ?

    Loving the garage pic. Your b7 looks brilliant, what do your drls look like compared to genuines?
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    MTEC Brake Discs finally fitted

    She looks great, how are the brakes?
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    A4 DTM

    Welcome! - There DTM numbers are gowing :o)
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    Which Bulbs

    I personally used these. Exterior bulbs and Interior bulbs
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    Any meets in or around east Sussex??

    Ok would anyone be up for a meet on the 3rd June. It's bank holiday Monday & Tuesday, meeting in or around Brighton as it's quite easy to get to. I have a couple of guys from Horsham interested. Let me know, would be good to meet some local AS guys.
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    Any meets in or around east Sussex??

    Brilliant, I'll try and set something up in the next few weeks. I think a weekend evening would be best, but let me know your prefered times. :)
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    Any meets in or around east Sussex??

    Trying to sort out a small meet in Brighton if you guys are game. I see plenty of 'modded' Audis around but don't know anyone except Rich who I 'met' the other day. :)
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    Few High Quality Photo's Taken At Weekend

    Such an awesome looking B7. What tyres are you running on? looks like a tiny bit of stretch.