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    Start/Stop system fault

    It’s frustrating that it keeps failing and when replaced isn’t covered by warranty for the new part. My 17 plate car has had 3 thermostats in 4 years and was one of the main reasons for extending the warranty. This is a fundamental design flaw that Audi has made no effort to correct.
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Thanks Cuke ... time o do some digging
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    Start/Stop system fault

    Is that expensive (silly question I guess)? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Start/Stop system fault

    OK really ****** now. Just under 12 months and the fault has returned ... all the same symptoms and have to wait for Audi Assistance to come out tomorrow morning so that the dealer will book me a hire car. This is the third thermostat failure in 2.5 years .... seriously worried about what I’ll...
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    To everyone with 19 inch rims and sports suspension

    I have 19” but have never anything else on the Audi. I don’t particularly notice that it is noisy or overly harsh ... but then compared to the wife’s RS Focus the ride is luxurious.
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    B9 S4- Which fuel?

    I think we covered this on a previous thread ... The octane rating of the fuel dictates the max compression ratio that it can stand before pre-ignition (pinking) occurs. Running below 95 RON will likely cause damage to the engine over time that can’t be prevented by adjusting the timing. The...
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    Radio Intermittent Operation

    Cut out again yesterday ... dead on 13:00. I don’t have travel bulletins enabled.
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    Radio Intermittent Operation

    Further update on this thread ... having behaved itself for several months I’ve now had 4 or 5 occasions where the radio has just gone quiet and doesn’t come back unless I change channels. Each time this has happened it has been exactly on the hour. Sounds crazy, I know, but suggests it’s a...
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    Bent over ready

    I had a similar problem with the 35000 mile service last year .... the spark plugs are not part of the service and are only required to be changed at 40000. That reduced my price by £330. I finally got the spark plugs done for £220 after getting an independent quote and finding a service...
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    2019 Maps...

    I updated my maps yesterday through MMI Connect. I set it going before setting off for work and it took about 45 mins to do Europe.
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    Tyre Issue?

    Had my service done 3 weeks ago at around 35,000 miles and I had exactly the same wear on one tyre more than the other. Both were Hankooks and both now replaced but the tyres looked ok but well worn u till you get them up in the air. I was surprised to find that these were the original tyres too...
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    Start/Stop system fault

    I’ve just had the same fault this week. I could hear the fan on flat out and then realised I had a grey warning triangle on the VC tabs ... Start/Stop not available. I phoned the garage next morning and they said there was nothing urgent they could do as there wasn’t a red or amber warning...
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    Audi S4 Spark Plugs Replacement

    Thanks Darren. Was thinking the same but was wondering if there is any risk of causing damage if it’s done badly. I was also wondering about doing myself ... I’ve looked at several videos of b8 spark plugs replacement and it doesn’t look too difficult. I don’t have a torque wrench though and...
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    Audi S4 Spark Plugs Replacement

    Hope I’m not being too dumb with this question ... I’ve just had my S4 through its second service at 35,500 (ish) miles and the dealer suggested I might want to change the spark plugs as they are due at 40,000 miles. I was then quoted £330 for them to do this. I declined whilst I did some...
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    Yes another pressure washer question

    That’s true Scotty76 ... I guess I was thinking a water butt is a fairly unlimited supply if you put a big enough connection in, but as you note, it will still be a lower pressure than the mains. Maybe my hose pipe is twisted too.