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    S3 Understeer Problem

    Chiming in late, but have you played with the settings on the KW V3's? I've gone the other direction for road driving, currently no rear ARB and raised the rebound on my V2's which keeps the steering responsive and the back more compliant over poor roads.
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    Noone's S3

    I'm finding the car is much more compliant with a few changes; - Removed the extra weight in the rear - Removed the rear sway (with the intent on going back to stock) - Increased the rebound on the front KW V2's The setup is more comfortable and has less understeer but does lean a little. I've...
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    Audi S3 CAI help

    Fuel trim is how the sensor is mounted, as the OEM is a oval section, many generic diameters for the sensor mount dont work or give airflow readings that are out by a margin. Fuel trim fixes this up, within reason, but not ideal.
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    Noone's S3

    The issue I have is the weight over the rear end is so low. The rear coils and suspension are designed to take 3 rear passegners, fuel and a boot load, I rarely have passengers in the back or any real boot-load. Some hatchbacks come with a weight in the rear bumper to even up the weight...
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    Noone's S3

    Since I've had KW V2's installed, the car has been noticeably more twitchy / bouncy at low speed (20-50kmph) in traffic on crappy roads when the petrol was low. I added a ballast in the form of a bag of cement, wrapped up, ratchet-strapped to the rear tie-points in my boot. A better quality...
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    Noone's S3

    Wow, it was August I last posted on here? It took me a long time to get around to getting my wheels prepped, in the end had to be sand-blasted before powder coating a gun-metal grey. I didn't want them to be too close to the cars colour, happy with the results. The centers were too large, a...
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    S3 custom remap

    Tunes vary greatly, go with recommendations. People have moved between different stage 1 tunes with noticeable improvements, its not just about throwing in more boost and timing, its about experience with the engine and platform.
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    2.0 TFSI, With/Without Quattro and DSG

    I would take quattro over DSG, but thats just me. I upgraded from a little 1.8T Polo which was great asside from a lack of traction and stiff suspension to try to get more of the power down. Each to their own, I like to own the shifts, I can totally understand why people dont want a clutch. The...
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    Does my 2007 s3 have a K04 or a K03

    1st time I'm reading of issues with the rev D, is there a thread on the topic? Lots of happy rev D users from what Iv'e read, I upgraded mine as insurance. All I know of the GFB DV's was some issues early on and others not noting any difference in performance
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    S3 8p honeycomb grill

    I would assume the listing is wrong, it says it fits the A3 and S3, which are a different fitment. If it did fit the pre-facelift S3, it would be the first I've seen (I'd be keen to get one if it were the case, but doubtful)
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    I raised the coilovers around 12mm on the fromt and a little more on the rear. I felt very grown up riding a car that had been altered for comfort and handling over drop and stance.
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    i drove my friends Megan RS last night!!

    I'm biased, came from a Polo with more torque than traction. The S3 needs some work, I would go straight to stage 2+ if you can afford and do the suspension properly (include matched shocks or coilovers) to get it handling right. With some time and coin, the S3 should be a faster car and a lot...
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    Noone's S3

    Center caps have arrived and the prep of the wheels has started. I'm thinking of a gunmetal style grey paint, interested in anyone's ideas on colours to suit a black S3 (other than black, I think its a waste).
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    Noone's S3

    I've bought a set of Talladega's (Golf R wheels) in 18" which need a repaint before they go on. I like the look of these rims, when searching I was surprised not to see them on many / any Audi's (I'm sure its been done and just didn't come up in my searches.
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    Noone's S3

    Whiteline RSB on yesterday, no dramas with install Car is a litttle more jiggly in traffic and below 60kms as expected, higher speeds and twisties the car sits flatter and is more predictable. I was surprised how the car bounced around less in fast corners. The brakes are now showing up as the...