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    Wireless phone charge retrofit

    There was a guide somewhere how to make your own that fits in the arm rest. Cost around £20 to make and fits my S10 plus with a case.
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    7X8 Rear View Camera Advanced .. Retrofitted!

    Yeah i did print the pdf and had it even printed but never got around to doing it.
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    7X8 Rear View Camera Advanced .. Retrofitted!

    It works fine without calibration only thing it comes up with error with VCDS that it needs doing but not a problem what so ever. Yes had to code it with VCDS but not a problem at all. I did have to speak to KUFATEC as the MMI kept rebooting when i put it in reverse. Sent them all the VCDS...
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    7X8 Rear View Camera Advanced .. Retrofitted!

    Hi, I went with: 8T0 907 441C (My was from A5 as it was coded to that when i got it) 5N0827566AB (Only one i could find) Wiring Harness: Bracket 8K0 907 392 A (I bought one from audi but i already had one in...
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    S4 discs, pads and shocks

    Hi buddy. Welcome to the joy of owning a S4. 1: Depends what power you are looking at getting stick with standard disks. Pads make all the difference so go for Ferodo or similar. Expensive but worth it. 2: The rear shocks are an easy job to do. You can get them from autodoc. 3: I changed the 4...
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    Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.

    Hi Guys, thanks for the info and measured up its M14. Ordered the whole set for £560 which is amazing considering the garage wanted as much just for the two bottom lower arms. Found this guide which is also great help with torque settings ect...
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    Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.

    Hi every one. The car has been to the garage for its annual service. The girl has only done 4k this year. I knew that both lower suspension arms were bit poorly. Now they are fully cracked and need replacing. I am more the happy to do all the work my self. I am not sure which kit to buy as i...
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    For Sale S4 B8.5 Side Mirrors

    No sorry, they are all packed and ready to be shipped. I could always get them for you but i think they will be different to the S3.
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    S4 B8.5 Mirrors.
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    For Sale S4 B8.5 Side Mirrors

    Removed from my S4 B8.5, fully working and good condition. Removed as purchased some power folding mirrors. Removed from the car with 50k on the clock. These are not power folding. £150 delivered. Thank you,
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    B8 passenger door lock issue

    Hi, had exactly the same issue on the drivers door. Stripped the whole assembly as posted on a different forum, cleaned up brushes ect and works like a charm now. Took a little while but didn't cost a penny.
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    DIY B8 Wireless Charger

    You got the link for the 10w wireless charger module? Easy and a good DIY!
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    Nav Update

    Yeah that is exactly what i meant Booboo, thank you. :icon thumright: If you have a read and still unsure, this guy made some videos: Bottom of the page there are two videos for update firmware and maps. Hope that helps.
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    Nav Update

    Did the update yesterday. Firmware and software. Took around 4 hours for both. Used an old class 4 SD card! Found the best guide below: Its a proper dummy guide...