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    PCV System

    Thanks for the advice. I phoned local dealer today with 6 part numbers for small pipes around the suction jet pump ... came to almost £60. I think I'll do the catch can - never happy with that amount of oil going through the pipes.
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    PCV System

    I appreciate this has been done to death already ... but .... Ok, so for the past few weeks I've been stripping down the engine bay - refitting gaskets, shining some things up - but more importantly, going through the entire boost/vac system trying to find this damn leak once and for all...
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    Rocker Cover nuts - torque ?

    As title says really ... Fitting a new gasket - just need to know the torque settings for the rocker cover nuts ! Ta very much.
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    Head off - some questions ...

    Evening all. Decided to make a start stripping down the engine in my S3 this weekend. It'll be off the road for a few weeks while I get some mods done to it. Had some boost problems and an annoying rattling coming from (I think) the exhaust manifold. Stripped down all the intake + vac lines...
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    EPC Light

    scanned - nothing there. Started up again and no sign of it, will wait n see what happens.
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    EPC Light

    Mornin all - just a quickie Was reversing the car into the garage this morning and the EPC light came on and stayed on. Restarted the car and now its gone out. Never seen it up before. I've searched the net a bit but still confused somewhat. Can someone confirm what its for ? Best...
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    I dont think my s3 wanted to go

    Feel for you man. Though its probably better than the guy buying it, only to walk back down your street an hour later wanting his money back. Good luck with the repair.
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    How To: Charge pipe to dump valve silicone hose for £9

    5.20 been pending for 2 hours now :)
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    Fantasy Garage

    I'd settle for 10 Audi S3's (all different colours) , all with no boost leaks ! :)
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    Map or no map ? That is the question ...

    yeah its a BAM engine
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    Map or no map ? That is the question ...

    yeah I know what you're saying - its strange because I bought the S3 after driving a Golf TDi around for 7 years (90 bhp I think !) - so the power jump was huge when I first got the car (me thinking it was 225 all along) - well all I can say is that at the moment I'm down on power, its...
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    Map or no map ? That is the question ...

    Well, my intention was to get the thing mapped at some stage ... but if I have no idea what map is on it now, I just want to know if its possible for someone to put it back to normal, then put on a map of my choice. Confusing I know, but I have a feeling some of the running troubles I'm...
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    Map or no map ? That is the question ...

    Evenin all. Been doin some data logging this weekend, gettin to grips with VCDS. Anyway, I bought my 2003 S3 a couple of years ago now, and bought it private from some guy in Yorkshire. He told me it was completely standard, no maps, no engine mods etc etc. Well, I've done a few test runs...
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    S3 BAM problems - tearing my hair out

    Couple more symptoms to add to the list, they cropped up over the last couple of days ... Temp gauge issue - seems temp gauge stay very low (70/75) when climate control is switched on (and on heat) - turn it off and the temp gauge SLOWLY moves toward 90, but never quite reaches it (85 ish)...
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    K03 ? K04 ? Noob question

    Simple as that - for some reason I thought K03 turbos were on the earlier S3's. I have a 2003 S3, and in my opinion, most people on here doing mods or techy talking mostly drive earlier cars (ie, not the BAM engine) so Im never sure what the differences are. Im keen to learn more, but a...