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    kW variant 1

    I love my V1s. Go plenty low whilst giving great damping.
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    Can you explain the benefits of installing this of the factory PCV. I believe I am having issues with mine at the moment and looking to replace so this might be just the ticket! Thanks, Matt
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    S3 erratic idle

    Cheers buddy. Do you have a part number and price?
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    S3 erratic idle

    Wrong link above. Not sure how to edit.
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    S3 erratic idle

    You can hear the car revving itself here. When I get in to the car the first rev is me to make it settle after that she does it all by herself!!
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    S3 erratic idle

    Hi guys I have a small issue with my S3. Occasionally the revs will not settle. It is usually when the engine is up to temperature. It will either be very lumpy under 1k revs. Or will rev it self to 1.5-2k. And then settle back down and repeat. Does anyone have any ideas of the first place to...
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    Silky's S3...

    What have you got left buddy?
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    Right guys I'm currently running APR stage 2+ with a miltek TBE + sports cat. I like the idea of a decat for more noise. Are there any alternatives out there apart from miltek? Also will i need a slightly different map flashing on? Thanks, Matt
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    auto climate control

    Hi Buddy, If you hold the 'Auto' button for 3 seconds it allows the driver side to control both again! Matt