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    More tailgate woes... Central locking not working.

    i had an issue with mine some time ago, although it is a saloon not an avant so there may be differences.. but.. check if you can manually lock the boot with the key. lock and unlock the car with the remote whilst listening to the lock area. if you can hear the actuator moving that should...
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    Throttle body bleeping !!!!!?????

    it happens when you have the door open and turn on the ignition but dont start the engine. the noise is the motor moving the throttle flap through its controlled range of movements. i think it is a basic way of resetting the throttle valve position without using vag com. no they do sound a...
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    Throttle body bleeping !!!!!?????

    i think....... if you have the ignition on and the drivers door open the throttle body goes through a reset procedure. did it stop making noise after about 30 seconds?
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    airbag warning light, regarding M.O.T

    airbags are not part of the mot test -
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    Key Issues

    do you still have the secret code? attached to the spare keys in a long thin clear plastic thing? if so you should be albe to code the keys to the ecu.....
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    IDLE SPEED TROUBLE---hunts to find correct tick over speed

    guess it depends how old the 2.8 is - 12v have idle control valves 30v dont
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    IDLE SPEED TROUBLE---hunts to find correct tick over speed

    if cleaning the throttle body doesn't work - ( a good starting point) you could try the charcoal canister - i had problems with the vent to atmosphere being blocked - it comes out under the floor by the drivers door - a black pipe that goes in to the driver wheel arch. or the evap control...
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    where to plug in my vag com

    thats where it is
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    Door trim removal

    very easy...... two screws at the top on both ends of the panel - visable with the door open. once removed lift the door panel up, its hooked on and then you can remove
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    vag-com check - How Much?

    calm down dear, yes the ross tech lead is best and will be future proof (ish) and allows you to use the latest software for you new car. however the cheap leads work with older versions of vag com, and are supported by vagcom - they would not sell licences for older versions stating they work...
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    vag-com check - How Much?

    depends on the car you have, ie age if its a c5 you can get a lead from ebay and vag com trial free, which should allow you to do basic checks. about 50-60 quid to register it if you need to. where are you based, there may be someone local that can assist
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    S6 - How do i lock it without activating the alarm

    there should be a button on your b post to turn off the interior monitor, dont know if that helps?
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    Ecu Faulty

    i have not but ..... what year/engine?
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    Roof rack/bars??

    i have got thule aerobars for my bikes, good quality and a good fit - dont appear to have scratched the paint - fun is more important than paint to me!!