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    Anyone running a shorter rear number plate?

    Just normal number plate pads will do it
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    Help needed for retrofit

    Cant you swap buttons from old wheel?
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    12 year corrosion warranty!

    If its the same as my old b7 you book appointment at audi. They measure paint depth and if within tolerence and looks like hasnt previously been painted they will quote the job and under good will knock approx 70% off. Cost me £400 for 2 new wings and painting
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    Finally got one!!

    Thanks sandra. Well worth the wait in end!!
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    Finally got one!!

    I was on verge on giving up hope and selling up but thankfully didnt. Just need to clean wheel up and decide if retrimming it or not
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    Finally got one!!

    So after having a FBSW from an A3 for a while now. I’ve finally managed to source an airbag that dual stage and the correct fittment into the steering wheel. Littlw look on ebay this morning while rain halted washing the car. Quick 30 min roadtrip and its fitted. So much chunkier than standard...
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    Sold 10mm & 15mm hub centric wheel spacers

    You got any pictures with these fitted? I will probs take lot
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    Headlights on all time

    Just an update and to let you know i must have caught a tick box while coding lights. I have just found “day time running lights permanently active” ticked. Which must relate to dipped beam rather than the drl. Drama over
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    Wanted Swaps single stage for dual stage airbag for a fbsw

    Hi all ive gt a single stag airbag from a fbsw from an a3 which is no good to me as i need a dual stage for my a6. Looking to swap if someones managed to hide one away for a while or ended up with one no good to them
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    Headlights on all time

    Yes ive tried the switch in all positions i know? Thinking i may have broke the switch by catching it with my knee on way out and thats what pushed the switch itself in a bit. It pulled out ok and i cant force it back in ‍♂️ No error codes etc on my delphi. Will update once sort
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    Headlights on all time

    My drl are active all time with my tear side lights. My issue is that the dipped headlights are on constantly
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    Headlights on all time

    So ive had car in garage during lockdown for about 3 weeks while gave the mrs’ fabia a blast. Been back in mine this week and noticed the headlights staying on constantly. I always leave them on auto function but now moving the headlight switch nothing changes. Can be on “O” “Auto” sidelight or...