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    Limp Mode & Engine/Turbo whine

    Just got the prognosis, new turbo @ £2.2k! Lucky I took out the extended warranty £245 well spent.
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    Limp Mode & Engine/Turbo whine

    Help needed my 2013, 1.6tdi S-Line DSG went into Limp Mode with the Engine Management Light (coil symbol) flashing and a whine from my engine compartment. Managed to make it home on the motorway but the engine lacked power and up hills maximum speed of 40mph luckily heavy traffic on the M1. No...
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    MMI Text Messages & Picture Locations

    With my Blackberry Curve 9360 connected via Bluetooth I can view the title of e-mails and text messages but i cannot read the content. A feature in the menu allows the car to read your e-mails and text messages through the speakers. Text messages are read in full but e-mails are only sometimes...
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    Comfort Package - Rain Sensor

    Hi all, I have the comfort package on my SB which includes the following items: - "Comfort package. Includes light and rain sensors, acoustic glass with sunband, rear parking sensors, cruise control and auto-dimming rear-view mirror" On the top of page 61 of the manual it states: - "You can...
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    Sportback build dates?

    Ordered mine on the 1st February and still no build date!
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    No discount -nada from Audi -On 2 Cars !!!

    When I initially spoke to the stealer he would not offer any discount, however after a bit of negotiation I managed to get £2.5k off the list price and Lifeshine thrown in for nothing. I agree with squiretolley either order from Drive the Deal or take their quote and negotiate with the stealer...
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Looks great, I have also ordered the Daytona Grey with the aluminium roof rails. Only problem I now have is my waiting for my car, estimated by the stealer to be delivered by the end of June! No build date at yet!:sob: Can we gets some photo's of the interior pleaseeeeee? Also can you advise...
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    Wet Luggage Compartment

    Thanks MiT that's exactly the issue. This was a design fault with the 8P which always niggled me.
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    Wet Luggage Compartment

    My 2009 8P SB suffers from a wet boot whenever you open the tailgate after a period of wet weather. On the 8V has this issue been resolved?
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    My orders been pushed back :(

    I ordered my 1.6TDI Sline SB at the beginning of February and was given a estimated delivery date of the end of June. Six weeks have now passed and I still do not know my build week. I can't understand how some forum members are getting their cars in 6-12 weeks?
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    Comfort Key (keyless enrty)

    Does anybody know what is the purpose of the display on the key?New Audi A3 Sportback Audi Advanced Key | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Dynamic Light Assist - release date for UK?

    Do you mean variable headlight range control the brochure states: - "Upgrades the functionality of the Adaptive lights with the aid of a camera which detects other road users or light sources and allows infinitely variable adaptation of the headlight range between main and dipped beam. Only in...
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    Build dates for the A3 3 door

    All I think it works like this:- Status 10 - Your car has a rough build week number Status 20 - Your week number has been confirmed Status 30 - Parts gathering Status 38 - The car has been built Status 39 - Its on the train to Emden in Germany Status 40 - It is at a UK port (Sheerness, Grimsby...
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    Technology Pack

    Please check out this photo in the link below, does this mean that a SIM card can be inserted in the A3 for google maps and Audi Connect? If anybody has the tech pack can...
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    Technology Pack

    I assume build week 22 is for MY2014 vehicles, if they bring this option out in the next couple of months I would try and add this to my order if I can. Thanks for the information.