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    GUIDE: How to remove turbo and clean 'sticky' vane, which causes overboost

    Used innotec this week on the misses A3 2.0 tdi, worked a treat!
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    Porsche Calipers Finally Fitted

    thats a great mod, looks better than B7 brakes and looks like a better fit too. I'll have bought them off you in a shot but one of my turbos may have died :-(
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    I had one on my S3 and it was great, a little quiet but much better quality than a milltek but you pay for it.
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    Blue flame Or Pipewerx!

    Pipewerx use blueflame boxes and Ian who runs piperwerx was the top development guy for Blueflame before setting up on his own. So go to pipewerx!
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    Anyone driven on the teeside racing circuit?

    i've raced karts at teeside, it would be far too narrow to push a road car to its limits. Having said that, as its a type of trackday you probably won't need the room off line as your not allow to race. Still, i'd recommend an experience at a proper race track.
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    What are AP coilovers like???

    Yeah, £300 is taking the ****. Its 2hrs for a specialist (£50per hour) or 4hrs for a general mechanic (£37 per hour). Most place state £200ish fully fitted and aligned.
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    Just driven an RS4.... Bit fast arn't they?

    Old and aggressive you mean! The current S3 is to girly looking for me. Grrrrrr lol
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    Just driven an RS4.... Bit fast arn't they?

    460+ bhp, 525lbft with a stage 2. They make a laughing stock of S3's, boost from 2000-7000rpm. Even with a bigger turbo on an S3 you get killed as it narrows the power band so the RS4 gets an even bigger ahead start before an S3 gets on boost. More capacity, more cylinders and double the...
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    Elsecar mega meet.

    cheers, please post the pics if its not too much trouble. I didn't get around to taking any.
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    Elsecar mega meet.

    21mpg. There very expensive cars to maintain so realistically plan to spend about £3k in preventative maintenance and repairs in the first year.
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    Elsecar mega meet.

    thats my old car, my current RS4 was on the dubforce stand too.
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    Front ARB Fitting

    its a while ago but undo all the subframe bolts but leave the ones at the front in to hold the weight but completely remove the rear bolts so the subframe swings down. Undo the steering rack bolts as the arb needs to come out between the rack and the subframe.
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    Kart Drifting?

    maybe just go karting in the wet? You have to change your lines but really makes you learn to find the grip.
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    Elsecar mega meet.

    i'm there.
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    Just driven an RS4.... Bit fast arn't they?

    Remapped B5 RS4's eat remapped or even big turbo'd S3's for breakfast lol.