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    Cruise control standard on s line?

    My 2009 S-line did not come with this and I was quoted close to £300 from dealer to retro fit as a result I bought a second hand stalk from ebay and turned on with Vag-com, easy. Stu
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    B8 A4 Interior LED Upgrade How To (Pic Heavy!)

    Just a quick note to say thanks to T8UPS, my bulbs arrived next day and have transformed the interior. Excellent service. I'm now thinking about adding in footwell and glovebox lights, do you supply looms etc for these? l 5TUY
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    B8 A4 Interior LED Upgrade How To (Pic Heavy!)

    done, sent £21 as gift for set as above. stu
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    B8 A4 Interior LED Upgrade How To (Pic Heavy!)

    Can i order a set of these pluss extra map lights (for the rear)? How do i pay? Paypal? l 5TUY
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    Whats your real name.

    L5 TUY - L 5TUY = Stu - Stuart
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    Best Panel Filter?

    I recently had the same dilemma and bought a K&N. The K&N is about half the width of the original OEM which I believe gives better air flow, there is a noticeable difference whilst driving also. Now don't get me wrong I'm not claiming big BHP gains I would say more just better response from...
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    Scotland for a week or so

    Basicaly you will see all 4 seasons in 1 day, especially up near the Lecht area (Tamintoul road), i would take shorts as well as a Berghuas as you will probably use them both during your time here. Welcome to Scotland! Gods country, crazy weather:-) l 5tuy
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    Do you mind me asking how much they cost? l 5tuy
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    Scottish dealers

    Stay away from Aberdeen, i've had a few bad experiences in there. These people sometimes need to appreciate they live in a city where peoples salary's are above average and no matter what they look like doesn't prevent them from having the finances to buy Audis. #Never judge a book by its...
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    This looks to be very similiar to what i get from the 143 (although mine is mapped), i'm currently getting 43ish mpg with mostly town/traffic driving. The DIS can sometimes be inacurate but i checked mine over 2 fill ups and seems to be good +/- 1mpg. I think the big issue with the A4 mpg...
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    NEW to B8

    Standard SD card!
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    So that's about 37 mpg? What kind of driving you doing there??
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    I have tested the DIS previously and my one isn't even 5% out so stil around the 50 m.p.g mark which i thought was good considering. However 1 thing i did forget to mention previously was the car has an Angel Tuning map and K&N panel filter, don't personally think this makes a difference but i...
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    Good news on the mpg front, I just spent the weekend in Newcastle and averaged 50.4 mpg. That was me resetting the computer before I left Aberdeen, bit of every type of driving thrown in there. On the journey down alone I was getting over 52mpg and this is driving over the A1 which is hilly...
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    3.0 DPF question

    The thing is that particulate isn't tested on current MOTs as far as I know and CO2/NOx levels aren't increased so what is the problem removing it? It's another technology introduced by manufacturers to say their cars are cleaner on paper really isn't it? This is more to do with the testing...