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    Water pump cost please

    part no 03L965561 thanks too fit b8 170ps £? thxs
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    My fault

    Hi all I have the following looking for B8 specific fix 1 Fault Found: 4875 - Coolant Pump 2 P261A 00 [172] - Open circuit MIL ON - Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001...
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    Fixing Corrupt PS3

    Did you fix this ? what error message you geting if any what caused error fimware update? version of firmware (standard or cfw)
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    VCDS in West or East Sussex

    I might be able to help next week (not promising anything yet) working in Crawley on nights but dont have My lead here with me will try and get it brought down next week!
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    electronic handbrake

    when the key is removed should the handbrake automatically apply its self? wife got out of the car a couple of month ago only to see car roll down the drive into the garage door. not the 1st time car has rolled after key removed and doors locked. I found the car "luckily tyre wedged...
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    AMI Not working?

    I have had issues with ami not reading ipod even without disconnecting it unplug with key removed then turn on ignition try agian weird scenario !! eh..
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    Converting music from iTunes to sd card

    mediamonkey far better than ichoons!
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    Whats your favourite paid for option

    Bang & O had a 11 plate avant whilst My clutch & flywheel were replaced under warranty ( bad judder in 1st/2nd gear) standard music sounded garbage!!
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    DAB Radio reception

    mY DAB is fine great addition should be standard can always get 5 live sport & extra unlike on mw!
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    Yorkshire Regions 1st Meet

    some time over this w/e May bank holiday28th>30th perhaps anyone?
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    Yorkshire Regions 1st Meet

    Iam still around m8 what about the next bank holiday ?
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    Tyres in snow 18" woes

    Q5 xx11xxx ordered
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    Led Fog lights

    think there all needing restor fitted @ the more for error free
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    Tyres in snow 18" woes

    **tp://ww* these are best in snow
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    Tyres in snow 18" woes

    where in Edingburgh(2 weeks of no tarmac) as I travelled loads of tarmac last week/week before infact went from fort kinnaird (newcraighall bus 33 musselborough region ) to Livingston there was snow there alright that was from last weds tarmac down to England.That was in a fwd dagenham...