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    What gear do you prefer?

    Palmer boards and burton bindings. In terms of clothing, nothing can touch Burton IMO.
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    Audi Bluetooth

    Is the standard AUdi factory fit bluetooth any good? I've heard several reports saying it's rubbish as it's only compatible with older generation phones and it keeps dropping out etc.
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    Pioneer Sat Nav & DIS

    Does anyone know if you can get an adapter to make Pioneer Sat Nav units show up on the DIS? I'm looking at scrapping my Sat Nav Plus that i ahve on order and getting the Pioneer AVIC HD1BT. This is pretty new, so hard to get info on, but i was wondering if any previous Pioneer systems have...
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    Retro Fit Bluetooth?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to retro-fit the telephone module to a 2005 A6 3.0TDI Q Avant fitted with MMI and DVD Sat Nav plus?? thanks!
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    Grab the heaviest object, but make sure it's something that would normally be found in a house. A friend in the know once told me that you're more likely to get away with the self defence tag if it was using an object normally found in a house. For example a torch. Those big maglites can do...
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    New TT

    I'm off to the Audi Forum in London on Friday to see the new TT after my local stealer got me a slot at half three. I'll try and get some pics on my phone, but before i go, is there anything anyone wants me to try and find out? Either by looking at the car or by asking someone in the know? (am...
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    Audi UK website

    [ QUOTE ] Have a look at BMW's website by comparison - I've long been impressed with their layout and content. [/ QUOTE ] BMW's website doesn't work properly on a Mac tho. When i emailed them about it, they were just like 'oh yeah, it doesn't, you can't get a website to function on all...
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    Munster Match - Heineken Cup

    What a fantastic game. I'm a Tigers fan but was behind Munster all the way. Brilliant rucking and mauling and then incredible open play, if only every weekend could see a game like that! Superb. Also can't believe how many Munster fans were there and in Limerick! Someone said there were...
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    MTM A8

    They did it to a load of different Mercedes a while ago too.
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    Henry.... Priceless

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    2000 hr photoshop

    Lol, his bio makes interesting reading. It seems essentially he's an artist, but instead of using paint, he uses photoshop. Well, at least it saves on mess!
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    2000 hr photoshop

    OMG. He definately needs to get out more. How comes i can't even do something basic in photoshop!?
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    Top Gear Reminder

    The fact it caught fire was brilliant.
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    Top Gear Reminder

    Lol, don't know if it's right, it was just a guess!
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    Top Gear Reminder

    Most of the time apparently the really expensive cars are driven by their owners dressed as the Stig. i.e. renault F1 car was driven by one of the renault test drivers. I would imagine it was someone from Koenigssegg stacking it, but you never know!